Blink-182 Cofounder Tom Delonge on UFOs, ETs, USG coverups and how it’s the biggest story of all time

Okay okay, so I’m 72 years old and had to research “Blink-182” to find out what it was — a rock band founded in 1992, for other old ones who have not kept up with rock ‘n roll since those halcyon ’60s days. This particular interview is undeniably interesting. Kept me reading, all the way through (rare).

I especially appreciate his unusually sophisticated take on info/disinfo, controlled opposition, and what he calls the “third story,” and I deeply empathize with his ongoing recognition that most of his friends don’t believe him. But as he says, the more aware people do.

Via Julia.

Delong with his night vision glasses. A.K.: these are used to see UFOs in the night sky. See:

Delong with his night vision glasses. A.K.: these are used to see UFOs in the night sky. See:



At first I believed everything I read. Then I got to a point where I didn’t believe anything I read. And then I came out of the back of it, saying to myself, “Half of it’s real, half of it’s not.” What people have to understand is the basic history of the UFO is very simple. The phenomenon has been around forever. All the ancient religions were written down based on witnessing this phenomenon in various forms. Governments of the world watched the phenomenon and tried to replicate the technology, but they did in secret. So the governments are fighting each other with these pieces of technology. But within those little skirmishes, the phenomenon is still here, and it’s much more advanced. So in order to hide what the governments are building in secret, they blame it on spaceships and aliens that eat your brains and all this weird stuff, but it’s all in an effort to hide what we’re really building, something that is real but is exotic and esoteric, and it’s all part of a plan. And as we find out that the phenomenon is real, they’re hoping it won’t be as bad as we thought it was, because we were scared along the way. It’s a really complex game that’s been played, especially since the ’80s. The CIA was very interested in the UFO civilian research groups, with the intention of being in control over all the research and the public awareness. It was a psychological operation. They were very scared of Americans being gullible and having Russia come in and repeat a War of the Worlds scenario. So the CIA said, “We better get in there and make everyone go crazy, but at least it’s controlled, and when we’re in charge we can slowly let people know the phenomenon is real, but, ‘Don’t worry — we’ve been building something secret to help protect us.'” It’s a crazy thing, but it’s real.”

When asked if the moon landing was real:

I think it’s real, absolutely. People have to understand: you know that the Department of Defense is bigger than Apple, right? So when Apple releases an iPhone, Apple will plan it out and spend billions of dollars and get thousands of people to figure how to tell that story, how to manage that story and how to get their point across. There’s nothing different in the Department of Defense when it does something big. So when we landed on the moon, they’re gonna go and give you something to chew on. They’re gonna go out and find a conspiracy. They’re gonna plan out the conspiracy. They made everybody think that we never went there. That way, when you ask questions, you’re asking questions they want you to ask. They didn’t want the conspiracy to be the real fucking question, which is, “What was there when we got there?” They place the conspiracy, just like 9/11. The main thing is that terrorists did it, the backup story conspiracy they fed you was, “No, it was an inside job.” What’s the third story? Another nation state? An extra nation-state? You know? Who did that?”


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