Humans and Horses: Control or Communion?

I thought I knew everything about “horse whispering,” and so on — how we shouldn’t “break horses” but rather use more humane methods to work with them. But I really had no idea just how magnificently radical is the movement to shift the way we humans think, feel, and interact with this most noble of animal species.

So, last night, when I woke up at 3 A.M., I’m deeply glad I defied my promise to myself not to look at a screen at that hour. Picking up my ipad, I checked the mail. Came across this from reader Jennifer. She comments:

I just watched this amazing video about horses and how people are moving in a direction of awareness of just how sensitive and conscious these amazing animals are. It is an hour, and worth the watch, very heart centered and all about the present. Lots about how we humans need to be aware of the energy we are putting out there and how horses pick it all up.

I second her assessment of this beautiful film. Watching it in the middle of the night at 72 years old while lying in bed in the dark, it jerked me back to a four-year-long struggle in my own childhood. For though I was one of those little girls obsessed with horses, who drew horses, played horses, pretended I was a horse — and then, even got my very own horse after agreeing and following through with a contract with my Dad to do our large family’s dishes for an entire year with no complaint and no prompting — even so, and though I was longing for communion with my horse, what I worked with was control. Already, at nine years old, I was fully indoctrinated into western culture.

Watching this film brought tears to my eyes, as it should. Mea culpa.

It may be that horses, who straddle the line between the visible and invisible worlds, can teach us about that communion.



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