Sunday Morning Musings: On truth, truthiness, this strange collective soup, and attunement

I just saw something on a conservative news site, which when I sourced it, led me to a number of other right-wing? alternative sites that also posted it. Round and round in that particular variety of “conspiracy” circles. But real? Who knows.

CIA Headquarters in Langley Supposedly On Lockdown

Meanwhile, who’s to say that there is NOT a connection among the following:

• The takedown of Brian Williams, NBC anchor

• Four mainstream media people “dead in 24 hours”

• Jon Stewart leaving his perch.

I read a Sorcha Fall post on the dead journalists which surprised me, since I make it a point never to read anything posted on that reliably fear-montering “what does it mean” site, which, from what I hear, is supposedly more full of disinfo than the usual 10% per story.

Top Newsman Brian Williams “destroyed;” Three Others Killed over Obama 9/11 Fears


I guess the fourth hadn’t been killed before the following story was also written, sourced through beforeitsnews, also reliably fear-mongering, and apparently not curated. As a result, stuff from all over the map gets dumped into BIN. In any case, here it is:

Four American Journalists Dead Inside the U.S. within 24 Hours

I just saw a NYT article on the autopsy report on David Carr, and he supposedly collapsed from complications of lung cancer, working at his desk, around 9 p.m. Of the others, one died in a car accident, the other two supposedly of heart attacks.

The Sorcha Fall article contained an interesting statement that Williams and the others who died had agreed to start an independent media company, supposedly to out the truth on 911. Could find no confirmation of this, whatsoever.

But I do find the concatenation of news involving sudden denouements of media figures fascinating. Something does seem to be happening, and I feel like Mr. Jones.

Meanwhile, my hunch that there’s about to be a big rollout of either 9/11 or ET news (especially the “alien invasion” psyop variety) (or both?) continues unabated. Right after I got the last post out I happened across one that also wonders about ET news now:

Medvedev to USA: Time to talk about aliens, or we will . . .

However, the article Joseph Farrell references here is an old one, put out by the EUTimes a couple of years ago. EUTimes happens to be another reputed disinfo source . . .

But that Farrell too, is sniffing the world wind in this way I do find interesting.

On the other hand, there is what Farrell — and myself — would call “the epistemological problem” — not, as in his case, whether what anybody says is “true” and can be “verified,” but more generally. What IS “truth” beyond truthiness?

After the supposed takedown of Kevin Annett by Alfred Webre that featured evidence and witnesses, I noticed a new Alexandra Meadors interview with Annett. Wow, he’s not dead yet? I decided to check it out. Fascinating, the way Annett just airily dismisses Webre, calls the entire imbroglio “comic relief.” And I think he means it! I think he is operating entirely unperturbed by the supposed revelations that supposedly brought his particular long ranger savior program crashing to the ground.

Which gets me more to think about the epistemological problem again. Suppose it’s really true, that even though there’s a collective atmosphere in which we all swim, the “matrix,” we might call it, plus those who think they’ve left the matrix behind, let’s call them (and me) the “anti-matrix” (or blasted matrix, or ubermatrix or just plain — and more likely? — quantum field with its endless possibilities!). In any case, we’re all swimming or floating or drowning in the invisible collective mental/emotional/spiritual soup in some manner. However, even so, let’s also say that every individual person’s world is entirely real, i.e., his or her perceptions of that perceived world are “true” for him or her.

If so, then what counts is who among us can focus and leverage our perceptions into the general field that holds us all so powerfully that the field itself morphs in that direction. I.e., what counts is magic.

Hmmm. So I’m wondering, this Sunday morning, February 15, 2015, whether my “hunch” that we’re about to be inundated by either 9/11 or ET “truth,” is a part of the morphing collective field that I’m picking up on in its early stages? Or am I being herded along with others in that direction by some kind of force of which I am not aware, as one of the bloggers who promulgate such a precipitation into collective “reality”? Or, am I, simply, speaking — and attempting to leverage — my own truth, which, if it’s way other than most people’s truth, can be labeled, sociologically, “crazy”? I have no idea. All I know is that I must remain here,

centered and radiating love,

spine like an antenna connecting heaven and earth,

while attuning to evolving perceptions of the shifting winds of this time.




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4 Responses to Sunday Morning Musings: On truth, truthiness, this strange collective soup, and attunement

  1. Here are some posts from Kauilapele on some declassified documents and the alleged Russian satellite documentation of US NY/Boston airspace on 9/11 … interesting times!

    • Yes, I’ve seen both these posts. Thanks for sending. I too, noted them both as important and these are indeed, interesting times. I personally, am leaning back from my tendency to want to document (and comment on) every newly revealed move in the geopolitical/spiritual drama, and instead, attune to the atmosphere, as well as personal actions and attitudes that serve, for me, to help set the direction in which we are heading — and hearting!

  2. Trish Brennan says:

    Wow, Ann. You are reading my mind (but that’s ok since it’s you lol). What’s true? what’s real? is my truth your truth? is what’s real to me now going to be real to me two hours from now? Am I crazy? Or is it everybody else who’s crazy? Would it help if I learned magic? Maybe I should learn magic! Omg.

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