Time for “alien invasion” psyop? Or what? Something’s gotta give . . .

If this tiny, potent Podesta story is real, I’d say it’s a big deal, despite that the reporter who broke the story called it an “oddball cause.” In other words, if ET/UFO news looks like it’s getting at all serious, then quick, insert language to recycle the ridicule factor that the USG has used to effectively muzzle this issue ever since the Roswell crash, with bodies, in 1947.

John Podesta’s top regret on leaving the White House is he didn’t reveal the truth about UFOs

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting post sent to her UFO list yesterday by my friend, Joan Bird, author of UFOs in Montana, with this comment:

“Excellent daytime footage (2 minutes) from Peru from a sighting that reportedly lasted 2 hours. Drone expert says no drone. Curious response from the Raelians.”

Screenshot 2015-02-14 14.36.52


BTW:I don’t know much about the Raelians, except to say that as I recall, they usually have a table in the vendor section of the International UFO Congress — oh, wait a minute, is that Benjamin Creme instead? I get confused by who’s who in the “savior of the world” arena. In any case, the UFO Congress is coming right up, February 18-25, and this year, dear Joan will be a speaker!

The Raelians claim that this UFO sighting was a synchronous event with their current announcement:

Lima: Raelians look to build extraterrestrial embassy

Meanwhile, I still wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the human race is about to be subjected to what former aerospace official Carol Rosin calls Empire’s final card, an “evil alien invasion” psy-op — given all the ways we’re being “pivoted” back and forth between Ukraine and the Mideast. Putin does seem to be outfoxing NATO and the U.S. in the Ukraine. Not sure about the Mideast. How can ANYBODY even partially comprehend that hornet’s nest, no better, that chronically weeping boil on Mother Earth? In any case, it feels to me that Empire has got to do SOMETHING to recapture the advantage — something beyond possible psy-ops here in the U.S., — just now, hmmmm . . . attempts to ignite a race war? This time against Muslims (murder in North Carolina and today, Muslim school burning in Texas)?

And if so, if an “evil alien invasion” does get rolled out via holographic and who knows what other secret technologies, note that the Corbett Report said it first. Note also, however, that Corbett himself is infected with the ridicule bug.

Critiquing Corbett: How to Fake a Fake Alien Invasion

Oh, and might Putin himself grab the microphone and announce the presence of ET? This possibility has been hinted at for years, ever since Medvedev was caught, supposedly with his microphone accidentally on.

Or maybe, instead of evil aliens, 9/11 truth! That’s now front and center.

Putin set to drop “truth bomb” on USA

Hard to say which one would cause more (fake?) consternation inside Empire, and more ho-hum from sheeple who are still mind-controlled to view either possibility as just another scary movie or TV series to scarf down with nachos and beer.




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