GOOD NEWS: Wedding re-imagined, bees resurgent, micropower rocks! and “iphone 5nSa” anti-ad

Next month I fly to Spokane and Seattle to attend two weddings on adjacent weekends, for a niece and a nephew, respectively. While I love both of them dearly, and all their parents, I do hope this is my final petrochemical spewing, non-emergency, long-distance trip. Since it’s the first time all eight siblings meet since the funeral of our Mom five months ago, these two weddings do feel like a new beginning for our now “orphaned” family — and so of great value. However, here’s one young couple whose own brilliantly imagined new beginning both blew out the cultural framework that glorifies expensive weddings and deepened their connection to all of life. YES!


Couple cancels traditional wedding to give back to others

Meanwhile, inside the accelerating mass die-off of species, here’s one tiny, heartening bit of good news, re: bees and some farmers who nurture them.

Bees Declared Extinct 30 Years Ago Take to UK Skies Thanks to Farmers

Though it’s an open question whether we can utilize technology to resolve our predicament on this still beautiful Earth — what may be the extinction course of all the living species upon her — here’s another bit of heartening good news. As usual, like most good news, it happens to offer solutions that are both local and decentralized. Even more interesting, this article was sourced in the MSM Forbes magazine. And guess what? Already, 25% of all electricity in the world is generated through tiny micropowered solutions!

Micropower’s Quiet Takeover

Finally, here’s a hilarious takedown of iphone advertising that also educates. So much brilliance in this world! We lament the news that John Stewart is to leave his perch on Comedy Central because we forget that we admire him because he has been living his dream. I learned long ago that whoever I admire (or envy) represents a part of myself that I have projected onto others.



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