Concerning the Current (“Measles”) Vaccine Crisis/Opportunity


Note, late evening, same day: Please pay attention to the extended commentary with links by Joy Shayne Laughter below. She is much more “balanced” on this issue than I, and until I pursued her investigation, did not realize it. Thanks so much and mea culpa.

WOW! Why do the above prickers remind me of drones, missiles, bombs?

For those who still want to or tend to trust the medical/pharmaceutical/industrial cartel, here are three terrific posts on the opportunity and necessity of taking back power over our own bodies, via push-back to the roll-out of the latest domestic psy-op, started —zowee! — at Disneyland! — the vaccine “controversy.”

(Hmmmm. Why was it rolled out now? Because attempts to get WW III started in Ukraine might be fizzling? Oops. Spoke too soon; “pivot” to the mideast, where Obama has just now decided he wants to send troops to “fight” the “Islamic State” — yes that potent little hornets’ nest that the “shadow government” may or may not have created and armed.)

First, for those who have very little time to read, here’s Jon Rappoport, who has written ad nauseam on this whole made-up medical (including psychiatric) game; I bet even he is “sick” of it. Here’s his latest short post:

What Sharyl Attkisson Told Me about Vaccines

Next, Lisa Renee, who writes with her usual alacrity, about this attempt to control our minds through control of our bodies.

The Vaccination Psyop

And finally, a long post from cosmic convergence, an anonymous research group that periodically posts a thick, meaty essay with large perspectives. This one has been rolled out just in time to counter the current psyop, and as usual, is apparently well-researched and very well articulated.

THE VACCINE CONSPIRACY: U.S. Government Colludes With BIG Pharma To Poison The America People

Heck, all you have to do is scan the titles to these three pieces to grok what’s happening — or NOT — depending on our response. Will we just “turn the other cheek” (heh heh, joke, get it?) or will we COME ALIVE.


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  1. Even setting aside the “chemical mind control” angle, what we do have that I think “just-waking-up” minds can grasp is a public-relations smokescreen in the US that will do all it can to divert attention away from the monopoly held on MMR vaccines especially, by the global giant Merck — who four months ago (timing is everything) was handed a PR crisis:

    Of course none of this has been on MSM – HuffPostCanada is the most mainstream outlet in this list.

    I went looking for research on the long-term effects of mass immunization, on the hunch that this repeated action itself has a part in the reappearance of measles. Lo and behold, this:

    Upshot: when immunization is not universal (and it isn’t) widespread immunization over a long period of time leads to “waning” immunity — ie., it’s not lifelong, it wears off, and the disease reappears. In cycles. Predictable cycles. Hmmm.

    Last, this MD kept her own Point of view and did deep reading on the history of vaccinations. Her book:

    I find that the right/wrong, vac/anti arguments are hopeless – they are never going to go anywhere or develop beyond “We’re right and they’re crazy!” emotional entrainment. So I aim to show people that a monopoly,a monolithic source of the Savior Shot is in place, has been caught out (surprisingly, by its Deep State Partner, see the article); that if we are to be pro-vaccine, then we ought to be fervently in favor of effective and safe vaccines, not faked, fraudulent recipes; that perhaps more diversity in the pursuit of immunity – more choice for method and remedy, not fewer — will put us in a more conscious dance with disease.

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