Critiquing Corbett: How to fake a fake alien “invasion”

I usually very much appreciate James Corbett’s Reports. But regarding the entire UFO/ET question, I’ve noticed before that he still seems to be caught by the typical mind-controlled attitude known as “ridicule.”

Visiting the Ridicule Factor

I’m surprised that Corbett, usually so astute, doesn’t see through this long-standing curtain of denial/disinfo. Surprised that, in a 44-minute Report, most of his references point to what most people still call “aliens” (just as we label immigrants from foreign countries “aliens”), rather than, say, calling them unknown humanoid species or “cosmic cultures” or even, ETs! Plus, each time the word “alien” is used in this Report, it is accompanied by another word, equally or even more fear-producing, namely “threat” or “invasion.” Over and over again, alien threat or alien invasion, droning on and on.

And then, of course, there is his overall tone, by turns subtly insinuating and dismissive.

I do, however, very much appreciate the last seven minutes of this Report, which focus on the kinds of nasty new psychotronic weapons available to mind-control individuals and whole populations into fear and panic, plus new technologies that can fake an alien invasion through hologram technologies that not only appear visually to be real, but can be touched! Ouch!

BTW: I’ve long wondered about the “dread” that sometimes visits me — and, apparently, many others — in the middle of the night. I’m awake and aware enough in general to know that this is NOT my dread, that this frequency has invaded my mind/body from somewhere else. If so, it may be that I am psychically picking up on collective dread; and/or it may be that this collective dread is being caused by psychotronic weaponry beaming frequencies into our heads when sleeping.

But back to Corbett’s Report. He did confess, in the final minute or two, that he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about, since he personally hasn’t seen or otherwise encountered an “alien.” In fact, he says he’d be very surprised if there wasn’t “alien” life somewhere in this vast universe. Thank you, James.

Now here’s what’s interesting to me: I’d say that Corbett’s intuition is correct, that we are about to be visited by some sort of situation which will unify us earthlings. Indeed, it’s either that or it looks like we’re about to blow ourselves up. The choice is becoming increasingly clear and urgent.

See, for example, Pepe Escobar and Eric Zuisse’s reports on the Ukraine. They have both been tracking Empire’s lies there for some time. And see all the other articles Jean Haines is putting up today re: Ukraine. Truly alarming.

Empire has been itching for WAR more and more desperately these past several years. Indeed, Empire must to have WAR to remain vital. Why? Because without continuous expansion predatory capitalism itself blows up! So unless Putin can pull off another series of masterful chess moves, we’re all about to get their intensely dangerous war — with unknown consequences, for the Ukraine, for Russia, for Europe, for the entire planet.

And of course, the Ukraine is just one of a number of places in the world that Empire is targeting for destabilization, chaos, resource grab, and war. All the better for its corporate juggernaut to roll in and take over.

Meanwhile, Empire itself is collapsing, its fiat petrodollar financial system bursting apart at the seams. It’s obvious that we’re in the home stretch of some kind of vast game during these three months of the Uranus/Pluto exact square finale (through March, 2015). A game of which I doubt any single person understands the rules.

If we can gingerly negotiate our way through these months without seriously blowing ourselves up in one way or another at least those of us who are paying attention will be quite surprised! And gratified, to know that our personal and collective meditations to live and breathe centered equanimity into this intensely charged, volatile atmosphere are working. That we are successfully countering and neutralizing the frequency weaponry of Fear with the much more powerful frequency of abiding, unifying, calming LOVE.

Oops! I digress again. Okay, back to Corbett.

As part of this astonishingly climactic drama, is Corbett’s intuition correct? Will we be subjected to a “faked alien invasion”? Will this be what unifies the world, the “alien threat”? Will this be the Problem/Reaction/Solution that ushers in their planned New World Order? Former aerospace official Carol Rosin warned of the sequence many years ago: first commies, then terrorists, then asteroids, then ETS. Yep, weapons manufacturers need an enemy in order to keep going. War is indeed, a racket.

Or, might it be that Corbett himself is being played like a “useful idiot”? Has his own mind been infected with some sort of frequency that makes him want to put out a current Corbett Report that predictively programs a “faked alien invasion” plan?

Okay, now imagine this: suppose there really IS to be clear, unequivocal, widely disseminated “contact” between ET and humans in the near future. And suppose the so-called powers-that-be have been forewarned. WOULDN’T THEY WANT TO MAKE SURE WE THINK OF ANY REAL CONTACT AS BOTH FAKED AND HOSTILE?

Are all the “aliens” you know hostile? For example, all the desperate souls emigrating from their devastated nations to other, less devastated nations? All those who don’t live like you do? Who are richer or poorer or smarter or dumber or just plain speak all sorts of languages you do not understand? Are they all hostile?

No. We know they are not. Likewise ETs. I’d bet that the same percentage exists out there as down here between selfish folks and selfless ones. On the other hand, we do have plenty of humans on this planet who are still asleep, totally unaware of how their minds can be and have been hijacked. Beware. Be aware.

Hmmm. . . I wonder how many ETs are asleep?! Seems like a contradiction in terms to me. Or maybe that just exposes my own bias, that extraterrestrial, extradimensional, and interdimensional beings and cultures who seek to live in harmony vastly outnumber those who prefer destruction.

May we learn from these wiser ETs how to co-evolve into equal citizens of the cosmos.




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