“Multidimensional ambassador ” Janet Kira Lessin’s astonishing life story

I’m still “bogged down” in local stuff, stuff that I hugely enjoy however, just so you know! However, I did wake up again in the middle of the night last night, and this time found myself on the NewsInsideOut site, listening to Alfred Webre’s long, VERY interesting interview with a woman who claims to have been living in a multidimensional world since she was an infant. She tells great stories, and one phrase really struck me, early on, how it “pained” her to be “disconnected from the continuum,” I think those are her exact words (don’t have time to listen again). She was referring to her experiences as a small child, when 3D reality would “liquify,” and when it resumed solidity there was another being present, clearly not from this reality. Having had my own experiences with such liquification, I can fully appreciate this way of talking about the transition zone between experiences of one dimension and another.

All sorts of stuff here, some of it “dark” — some of it clearly magical — or what we’d call “miraculous,” in the realm of “that couldn’t be true,” so conditoned have we been from the time we first developed ego to separate us from the continuum — running the gamut from masonic bloodlines to ghosts in the stairwell to portals under the farmhouse to trips to visit ships, to being used as a “breeder” (via scrapes of her DNA), to astral projection and actual levitation — all this while still very young.

She’s 61 years old now, bright and spunky as hell, and seems to have integrated her unusually varied and “out of this world” experiences quite successfully. And you know what? I “believe” her, in the sense that I trust that she is telling her truth, none of which is that surprising to those whose questions, and whose quest, blasts through the veil of the matrix. But her herstory — and her “being” — feels particularly compelling to me, and I salute her for coming forward and encouraging others to do so as well.

And I love the way Webre just starts her off and does not interrupt. The only time he speaks is when she pauses and asks if he has any feedback. And that only happened a couple of times in this rollicking two hour life tale that kept me awake the entire time (rare). Oh yes, and one last thing: I loved it when at one point she paused and asked him if he had any questions, and he answered by saying yes, he had “some abiding questions.” Nice phrase. I will continue to use it, because after all, in this extraordinary time we are galloping through with such alarm and alacrity, what question is not “abiding”?

Author Janet Kira Lessin: ETs told me “You are going to do something very important for humanity”


VANCOUVER, BC – In a wide-ranging two hour interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author Janet Kira Lessin reveals her life-long interaction in the dimensional ecology with Interdimensional, Extraterrestrial, and Spiritual beings in the Afterlife beginning with levitations in her crib as a baby, through participating in Anunnaki ET breeding programs to present day interaction with ETs who tell her, “You are going to do something very important for humanity”.

Janet Kira Lessin tells us of her latest recent experience of being taken as a representative from Earth to attend an Interdimensional Council meeting, with 100,000 other representatives of other bipedal intelligent civilizations. She confirms that Earth is now in 2015 entering a period of multi-dimensional interaction with Interdimensional civilizations along a positive timeline.



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