Brian Williams is (another) Pinocchio?


Image: New York Post.

Cf: “America’s Dad,” sexual predator Bill Cosby.

I can’t help but think that this new takedown of an icon, the now-admittedly-lying “objective” persona of “the most trusted voice in news” Brian Williams, if it is one, might turn into the crack that broke the cultural con, symbolized here, by Jon Rappoport, as a “reality egg.”

(I call it the ” conceptual helmet,” and admonish us to “take off that helmet and shake out our hair!”)

As he says, in this time in history, it’s not the shout, but the apparently reasonable, calm, even tone of “authority” that wheels in the sheeple and induces the trance. Whether that authority be “science” or the MSM — or, we might add, patriarchal religions, governments, corporations, all vague and mealy-mouthed, droning on and on — it’s all the same surface veneer that hides the ugly stuff we would rather not know about. Please, just let me go on pretending, we whine, out of laziness or numbness, whether outwardly or inwardly, while adjusting our hems and collars and two-step just so. Picking up the remote and settling in. Picking our noses surreptitiously, farting when no one is looking (or smelling), putting our “best face forward,” the polite ones we wear around, pretending not to be furious, or in despair, or remorseful, and deeply, deeply depressed by the deteriorating state of this beautiful Earth and the accelerating robotization of our own human interactions — how we humans have, in both ignorance, and apparently, for some of us, by design — managed to fuck our common world up to the point where near term extinction is a very real possibility.

Mind Control Media: Brian Williams, Fake Science, and the Reality Egg

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2 Responses to Brian Williams is (another) Pinocchio?

  1. CindyW. says:

    The sad thing is that everyone is piling on Brian Williams (Tom Brokaw et al) instead of admitting that ALL the news anchors lie regularly, because as the Veterans Today article put it, the news media are owned by only 6 corporations, and news anchors say what their corporate owners allow them to say. While I’ve never been fond of Brian Williams – he always struck me as a spokesperson for the New York elite establishment – he’s a symptom, not the problem. Ironic too, isn’t it – in a war founded on lies, that he now admits that one “lie”? I hope people wake up and question the objective “news” in general.

    • Yeah, just as Cosby took the fall for a whole sordid pedophiliac entanglement that is arranged to capture those in “Power,” so Williams takes the fall for all the MSM newscasters with this one fairly irrelevant lie that, he intimates, only has to do with him wanting to look bigger than his britches. As if it’s a character flaw that did him in, not adherence to the entire stinking news mess that the movie Network’s Howard Beale finally got so tired of that he shouted he wasn’t going to take it anymore and walked off the set. Where are the Howard Beale’s of the MSM world? Time to blast open the doors of that dark closet!

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