3:00 AM, Awake and Aware: I Sense the Rise of Courage to Confront the Con

Woke up at 3:00 AM, as usual, and this time did not get back to sleep, ever. Grrrr. So why am I not depressed and exhausted? Well, actually I am exhausted, but certainly not depressed. And that’s because despite all the appearances, I can FEEL we the people revving up to reveal, not just all the bad stuff that’s been going down — we’ve been doing that for a few years now — but the full extent of our beautifully expressive divinely inspired original natures. You’d think that this weird winter of hugely discordant and overwhelming energies would subdue us further. Instead, we are waking up, wiping off the mask of politeness, and showing up as our full selves.

Meanwhile, here’s some of what I absorbed between 3 and 6 A.M., on my side with ipad, until I finally gave in and got up.


Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America, stands up, repeatedly, during a Monsanto shareholders meeting, and speaks truth to power. Her forceful research findings make a mockery of the Monsanto CEO’s mealy mouthed platitudes, and earn her a 53% vote, plus a tearful thank you in the women’s restroom afterwards. Great story.

In the Lion’s Den: My Victory Against Monsanto

I’ve been talking with a number of people lately about the idea of crowd-funding their fully expressive selves and their socially impactful ideas. Here’s a particularly audacious example of such, that I got via Alfred Webre’s new interview with a woman who claims to be the daughter of a deposed king of England.

(At four A.M. she had nothing in her fund. Six hours later, she has $35. Little by little . . . I deeply admire this aging woman’s decision to just go for broke, no matter what cynicism and incredulity lie in wait.)

My Claim to the Crown of the United Kingdom

Here’s a post that might just change the world, a whistleblower from within the ranks of chemtrail pilots who blows the lid off that world-wide operation that is poisoning the air, the soil, the water, everybody’s lungs and liver, and, some say now, it’s all done with coal ash.

We’ve been waiting for one of these pilots to come forward. I was especially interested to learn that they rotate pilots to different sectors every 18 months, thinking this makes them less likely to make friends and start talking about it.

Chemtrail Pilot blows the cover of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD

Now of course, the question is, will the mass media pick up on this chemtrail news? Not unless we can blow the cover on that controlled continuous collective psy-op.

6corps-320x3163Need many more whistleblowers from the the CMMM (Controlled Major Mass Media) to get it going. Preston James gives details.

It’s Time to Bust It Up!

If you don’t think it’s possible that our government could or would actually try to poison we the people from the skies. Check this out, a history of such perfidy, via the ever-intrepid Jon Rappoport:

Vast Experiments on Humans: Revealing A Forgotten Document

Oh yeah, and one more: we now have whistleblower from within Big Ag:

NC Farmer Exposes Perdue Farms for Animal Cruelty and False Advertising




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