Iraq Veterans Speak-Out: Mapping the insanity of War

What freaks me out is that this extremely potent little video was uploaded four years ago, and yet the monstrous Empire of Chaos is still ramping up the war machine, further, deeper, scarier, day by infernal day. How many more have to force themselves to watch and listen to this remarkable video before we all shift, en masse, into a transformed world? How many more poor, hungry, misguided, ignorant “recruits” have to swallow the kool-aid enticing them to “see the world” in the military and get the G.I. Bill when they finally — eight long years later, riddled with PTSD that buzzes on and off like a warning — manage to get out and start their “new life,” ignored, abused, ashamed, hardened on the outside, on the inside filled with a shame and remorse that they may or may not be aware of. How many? The beautiful men and women in this presentation are speaking out; their clipped, passionate words hammer our collective soul.

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