Croatia Cancels Debt: So, does it begin? The general Jubilee?

When you couple this unusual headline with the fascinating seismic changes in Greece — and now the contagion to Spain — one does wonder if there is indeed a transformational shift in the world wind. Indeed, this news is almost as amazing as the news that MacDonalds is asking for hugs rather than money until Valentine’s Day. Okay, okay, so it’s a marketing ploy, a Super Bowl ad; but so what? It sure feels different, and welcome, and feeds right into a possible glacial shift in values, in what is of value — WE ARE, YOU AND ME, EQUALLY — and all of us as ONE.

thBTW: I just checked the ephemeris for yesterday and today: Venus, planet of value, money, beauty, harmony and personal relationships, is moving through its yearly exact conjunction with Neptune, planet of dissolution of all boundaries. The kind of (Venus) Love we know here on Earth, joining with that larger (Neptune) LOVE that fuels the universe . . . YES! Let’s see this news as a harbinger of future possibilities.

Croatia cancels debt of 60,000 of the country’s poor

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