“It’s the question we’re always struggling with: How do we finance a sustainable society in a capitalist economy?”

Exactly. And if the adventure that worker-co-op CERO in the Boston area has been having is any indication, it takes grit, determination, expertise, and a number of different kinds of intricate of step-by-step levers. Their eventual solution? A “DPO” (Direct Public Offering.)

Here’s an article that talks about DPOs as opposed to crowd-funding:

Direct Public Offerings (DPOs) vs. Intra-state crowdfunding: What are they, who should do them?

I can’t pretend to understand any of this financial stuff; however, I know that there are people who do and that this is the direction we need to take to get significant projects off the ground as long as the current financial system is in place.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about these kinds of issues in relationship to permaculture. How do we help finance young permaculturists who want to start projects on their own individual or cooperative land? There are lots of young permies now, and the kinds of opportunities that used to exist for those just coming of age no longer do. Plus, most young ones are riddled with student debt, which threatens to drag them down forever, given the lack of anything but wage-slave jobs that suck out the soul. We older ones simply MUST do our part by helping to figure out ways to get to stage two of permaculture — not just teaching it, but helping to figure out the financing for putting it into practice, in small and large ways, everywhere. (Some of) the old ones have the financial expertise; the young ones have the intent, energy, and passion to redesign this culture so that we integrate with Nature rather than oppose her. All of us have our parts to play. Let us dig in.

Via Keith.

Forget Venture Capitalists—This Scrappy Composting Co-Op Found Another Way to Get Startup Money



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