Zen Master and New Greek Finance Minister: Let us first change the climate inside us.

Are we suffering? Then let’s do something about it. And that change begins inside, says Thich Hhat Nanh. And it begins inside our own communities, our own systems of government, say the leftist victors in the new Greek election.

I might quibble with the title of the first post, to say instead, “only love can save us DURING climate change.” Because changing, the climate is. Whether that is due entirely to human industry, greed and shortsightedness, or to the fact(?) that the solar system is changing, and/or passing through another section of the galaxy — either way, we must change the climate, OUR climate, the entire atmosphere of our human community in order to creatively meet and greet what, more and more, we cannot deny — and as the Zen Master says, that might include human extinction within, he says, 100 years. “Doomer” Guy McPherson would draw the extinction line much earlier, This article was written in 2013. What would Thay say now?

Leading spiritual teacher warns that if people cannot save themselves from their own suffering, how can they be expected to worry about the plight of Mother Earth

Meanwhile, in Greece, the unthinkable has been put into action. The nation that supposedly birthed democracy, has it also just rebirthed democracy, snatching it from the hungry maw of oligarchy? Here’s the new finance minister, talking in advance about plans for the aftermath of what just occurred there, and presenting the attitude of fearlessness and no expectations that we must hold, if we wish to act in this volatile, eruptive, Uranus/Pluto push/pull world with equanimity.

We Are Going to Destroy the Greek Oligarchy System”

January 25, 2014

by Alexandra Reed Kelly


Yanis Varoufakis is tipped to become finance minister of what may become Greece’s leading party after legislative elections Sunday. He tells Britain’s Channel 4 what Syriza will do if it takes power.

Channel 4 economics editor Paul Mason asks Varoufakis, who teaches economics at the University of Athens, “what will you do to [Greece’s] oligarchy, concretely?”

Varoufakis responds, “We are going to destroy the basis upon which they have built, for decade after decade, a system, a network that viciously sucks of the energy and economic power from everybody else in society.”

When Mason notes Varoufakis knows what happened the “last time somebody tried to take power from the Greek oligarchy,” Varoufakis replies that “the good fight has to be fought independently of costs.”


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