New Sharing Report identifies and weaves together various emergent threads

The “sharing” meme seems to be gathering steam. And it’s well it does, especially during this transition time when our unconscious collective mental structures still make the rigid, countable, measurable assumption that anything one person gives should be returned in some way, equally — i.e., a transactional exchange, whether two-party or more. We need to recognize that the gift keeps on giving. That THIS is how abundance is created, or rather, I should say, recognized. For it is all around us and it is inside us. Each of us is uniquely expressive and talented, skilled in so many ways . . . All we have to do is let it out, let ourselves go, freely, loud, clear — and with joy! For when we do this, the energy keeps circling round, gathering steam, and coming back. There’s way more than we personally need “out there.” And way more than we personally need “in here.” No need to keep track. That’s the wonder. That’s the trust.

And see this:

Let us shift gifting from an economical foundation to an ecological one

What I find most remarkable about the following post is that it is a Bloomington city employee (and over years, someone who is turning into a friend and ally) who emailed this to me today, saying “It’s right up your alley.” Well . . . let’s hope there are lots of alleys! And there are, all over this town! They could all be transformed into linear parks or permaculture paradises, or at least beautiful pathways, maybe with swings and a sandbox or two, or a little lemonade stand, with homemade cookies and a picnic table nearby — since so few of us use alleys with our cars. Trash and recycling in this town are picked up in front, not in back. So let’s go “alley-pickin'” shall we? That’s what our mother used to call it, when she’d shoo us out the door, suggesting that we go check what’s available that fine summer day. We’d come home with our treasures, play Show and Tell.

Thanks, Vickie! (And yes, I am on shareable‘s email list. Wonderful site, obviously by a new generation, not my own, which still thinks in boring, transactional terms.)

New Report Points to Sharing as Unifying Force for Global Change

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