Re: the accerating “false-flag flagellation”: Julian Rose tells it like it is.

I just received this Julian Rose post from Lance, whose website is down. Obviously, it needs to go everywhere. Having been exposed to the zombies only a few hours ago in the Urgent Care waiting room, I know precisely whereof he speaks. And yet, and yet. The assistant whom I mentioned in that last post also, what a connection we made! About 30 years ago, she told me, she got tired of taking orders from a man. Sixty-two now, shehas been on her own ever since, first with a guard dog, and now with two cats, who wait for her on the couch when she returns from work. Two worlds existing side by side and interpenetrating space and time. One world excited and propulsive, creative as hell, seeking real connections — even if on the fly; the other pale, rigid, lonely, either too thin or too fat, deadened by conditioning and the “hard time” of survival. Both. Equally real. We choose, moment by moment, which world we occupy.

Do read this Julian Rose post. It says it exactly. I would only add what I read yesterday, that “coincidentally” the Rochschild’s bought the Charlie Hebdo building in December 2014 — presumaly to more easily stage the event?

Thinking: A Criminal Act?



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