One investigative reporter’s attempt to explain just how the Gov/Tech Surveillance/War Complex works

I find this extraordinary crowd-funded investigative report very difficult to even begin to grasp. How did the author do it? How did he enter, poke around, start to comprehend and then actually manage to (or pretend to?) map the no-doubt-continously-morphing, confusing, whizzing matrix of the global electronic brain, much less stating who caused what, when, why, where, and how? Ye gods. One thing I did notice, loud and clear as I tried, and failed, to comprehend the enormity of the system that we humans have created via technology to float on and override Nature’s infinitely more complex, and always, to us, mysterious living magnificence, is the number of females in “important positions,” one of them an expert in showing how to use empathy to manipulate. Ye goddesses.

As much as I admire this report, I can’t help but get the impression that nobody, but no one person really has, or can have a “handle” on the whole thing. That as a “system,” if you can call this ugly, metastisizing mess that, it is already out of control, proliferating in banks, in edge cities around metropolises, in universities, think tanks — all aspects of or parasitic upon the MIC: military industrial complex, including aerospace and other weapons companies, security companies, those that build and supply the nearly 1000 U.S. bases worldwide, not to mention the Breakaway Civilization and the Secret Space War, etc. etc., on and on. Surveillance and War: what Empire’s economy runs on. Far cry from the ecological foundation that, sooner or later, we will return to, when the entire wired (or wireless) digital, off/on, zero/one, zero-sum edifice self-destructs into its own toxic complexity.

Via Lance.

How the CIA Made Google

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