Head Trauma: This morning, 11:30 AM.

Was on my usual long morning walk with puppy Shadow. Black ice on the side walk. Going downhill in shoes that have seen better days (i.e., soles with no grip). Both feet went out from under, I landed squarely on the back of my head.

It was an amazing experience. I felt the wide circle of awareness close in to almost, but not quite, a black point (unconsciousness?) and then expand slowly back to its usual 360° horizon. While the closure was going on I felt surrendered into an immense peacefulness.

I lay there for a few minutes, absorbing the shock, and “coming back to my senses.” Puppy Shadow circled around, worried.

As I was about to try to get up, I hear a young male voice, which belongs to, I discovered, “Sydney,” a very sweet chemistry senior at IU. He saw me go down, and rushed to help. I held his arm the rest of the way home, and he accompanied me to the Urgent Care center close by in my car so that I could get myself checked out. There was some blood from an abrasian. No cracked head, no concussion, no headache, just an “awareness” of shock, deep shock, and a trembling that only very gradually released. I only regret that I forgot to take homeopathic Rescue Remedy before heading over to the allopathic treatment place, the waiting room of which reminded me, as I told one of the assistants there, of “the night of the living dead.” She shuddered visibly, and said, “I know.”

“You know that movie?”


We could have gone on to talk about zombies, but did not. I imagine she was grateful.

I am okay, though lying low for the afternoon. Here’s a chart for the “accident.”

Screenshot 2015-01-26 16.25.11


You can see that the Moon, in the final degree of fiery Aries, is right past the Ascendant, and Pluto, lurking as usual in Capricorn, is just coming on to the midheaven while of course, squaring Uranus in the 12th house. The time 11:30 AM is within a few minutes of exactness. Those two planets were within close orb of the Ascendant and Midheaven (the two windows of the energy pattern for that moment that connect/and project what’s going on inside to what’s going on outside). Bingo!

A sudden (Moon in Aries on Ascendant) fall, hitting my head (Aries), combined with structural (Pluto in Capricorn on Midheaven): a sudden traumatic structural shift inside my head, my brain? My mind? Who knows? Stay tuned.

Oh, and BTW: the hot water heater started to overflow its release pipe yesterday. The plumber, who arrived early this morning and replaced the (very old) hot water tank, told me on the phone yesterday that had the release pipe not been there, the hot water heater would have “exploded through the roof.” Not sure when that flow began. I discovered it mid-morning yesterday, about when the Moon conjuncted Uranus. Downtown, one of the restaurants, at noon yesterday, suddenly filled with smoke from the recycling area, and had to be evacuated while firemen rushed in.

There is definitely a long-running Uranus/Pluto disturbance in the atmosphere, no? Especially through March, 2015, at the end of which it finally starts to wane energetically. And yet this can be a hugely creative moment, if we grab hold and run with it, while remaining centered and grounded (sure of where our feet are, paying closer attention than I did this morning. I could easily have stepped off onto the grass on the downward slope — I even considered it! — but did not, and paid the price).

Creative moment: For example, a bunch of us Green Acres podmates and neighbors are going to attend the second annual CONA (Council of Neighborhood Associations) dinner and celebration this evening, 7-9 p.m..

I might hang on to another young one’s arm as we walk down the street.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 16.28.59



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6 Responses to Head Trauma: This morning, 11:30 AM.

  1. laurabruno says:

    Heal well! I know the drill all too well. 🙂

  2. Lee R Barnes says:

    Ann, I’m sorry to hear of your fall… head injuries need to be followed/monitored for several days. Take care, and create a speedy full recovery. Happy Trails, Lee

    Lee R Barnes lbarnes2@earthlink.net 828-646-1593 cell


  3. Mari Braveheart-Dances says:

    I’m very sorry you fell and hit your head. You’re to be commended/applauded for being your usual aware self through the experience. A head hit can be a powerful experience. I’m very glad you didn’t hurt yourself worse! Sending vibrations for a healing, wholistic experience. Peace and Love, Mari

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