Let’s UnF*ck It

Those who might remember Katie Goodman’s brilliant, deadpan, comic rant, I Didn’t F*ck It Up

— might, however, have also gotten discouraged, thinking “but there’s nothing we can do.” (Waaa waaa waaa. Poor us. We’re so f*cked.)


It’s clear that we need to move beyond sweet, kind, gentle — let’s face it, wimpy — love to the much more fierce, in-your-face version, the “No compromise in Defence of Mother Earth” (motto of the radical activist group Earth First) version, IF we want to unfuck it up. And we DO. Here’s a rousing call for the quality of LOVE required. Much more powerful than either their hate or their cold, passionless indifference. (Recall that LOVE makes the world go round.)

Meanwhile, see this for getting yourself unf*cked, first.

From Gary Z McGee, at Waking Times, via zengardner, via Lance.

How to UnF*ck Up the World


If you’ve learned how to unfuck yourself and you’ve learned the art of not giving a fuck and you’ve become a well-armed lamb and you’re daily counting coup on tyranny, then you, my friend, have the world by the fucking balls. You have achieved the almost immortal status of getting power over power. You are a fuck-sight closer to achieving Ubermensch status than probably 99.999999% of the population. It’s time to fall in love: in love with the moment, with the universe, with your fellow man, even your enemy; a deep, carnal, agape love that shatters all love-molds. It’s the kind of love that sheds the clunky armor of invulnerability and dons the spiritual flexibility of absolute vulnerability. The kind of love that screams: “carpe the fuck out of that diem!” The beauty of being in this kind of love is that it gives you insurmountable courage. The kind of courage that rises up, draws a line in the sand, and declares to all forms of corruption and tyranny, “You no longer have permission to imprison what I love. I am no longer a slave. Nor will I allow you to enslave others. I am the David your overreaching Goliath heart has been waiting for. Your fuckery stops here!”



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