Synchronicity Department: They just keep piling up! An extended rant.

For the past three days, seems like every time I wake up at night or turn around and look at the clock on the stove there’s a double number: 3:33 AM, 1:11 PM, etc. Hmmmmm….. What’s that about?

Here’s a post that talks about how C.G. Jung invented the concept of “synchronicity”:

Carl Jung — The Man Who Coined the Word “Synchronicity”

My question: and did this new word then spawn even more synchronicities? I.e., does language shape reality? Sure seems like it to me. For example, we’re already talking about the Green Acres Tunnel Park, as if by just naming it, we focus our attention strongly enough to bring it into manifestation. This morning, at 9 A.M., three members of the funding group for this project met here at my house. Next week, the Planning Department will come to walk the land. (The date still up in the air.) On and on, we’re working with a tight schedule, and deadlines, and lots to do that requires enormous coordination among individuals and groups.

Okay, back to synchronicity. This morning I see that Fred Burks of has sent a missive to his email group re: “NDEs” (Near Death Experiences). I don’t know how to send that on, but here’s a link to the subject on his website here.

UnknownThe reason I find his email significant is that early this morning I finished Beyond the Light, a book by P.M. Atwater, also on the subject of NDEs. Plus, I’ve got another NDE/Astral Projection book waiting for me through Interlibrary Loan, need to go pick it up: Robert Monroe’s Ultimate Journey

And — and it’s a big AND — indeed it sets up an internal frisson that may itself be utterly ultimate: yesterday I took the advice of reader Rose and read a recent channeled piece by Kryon that really grabbed my attention. (Kryon is one of the very few channels whom I respect.)

The Innate Revealed

What grabbed me about this post was Kryon’s claim that the DNA is programmed for decay and ultimately death. And that this program can be changed, simply by our consciously intending that it change. Kryon begins by focusing on DNA as a field phenomenon rather than on a massive collection of tiny genes. I.e., he looks at DNA holistically rather than analytically. Rather than reducing DNA to its component “parts” (the way “normal science” does) he assumes an atmosphere that holds all those parts and programs that whole in various ways.

This idea, that we don’t have to die, or to die so quickly, say within the first 100 years, is not new. But his way of speaking about it may be. I’ve resisted the idea for a long time, since I want to help both myself and others recognize, accept, and honor the arising and falling of forms within the infinite field of possibilities as entirely natural. I.e., just as with Nature here on planet Earth, all material forms cycle through from birth to growth to decay to death. Why should we humans be any different? Why should everyone value youth over old age? Indeed I see the archetype of the Crone (as in the life cycle of woman, Maiden, Mother, Crone) as one way to not just become familiar with, but to accept and honor the descending half of the life cycle.

Speaking of which, and this is off-track, but what better time to say it? I came across a quote from a blogger recently. Can’t remember who it was, but he had his picture up there, and underneath he had put this remark:

“Me, approximately. The decay is so rapid now.”

Ommigoddess. I love that remark. To me it conjures the notion of material forms dissolving, incandescing, lightening, letting go of precision, articulation . . .

And, frankly, it’s what I, personally, am going for, going towards, allowing. Yes, I allow the DNA programming. Indeed, I hunger for it, the letting go unto Death . . .

Aha! But here’s another synchronicity. Just yesterday, I came upon a youtube by Alan Watts, unfortunately, don’t remember the name of it, but on it he talked about “polarity thinking,” by which he means, understanding that yes implies no, dark implies light, life implies death, context implies figure, and so on. That in order to see and comprehend the whole, we need to rear back enough to appreciate the interplay between supposed contradictions. And when we do, when we fall into the space that includes them both, we are changed: we surrender to the unitive consciousness that includes the whole, that within which all forms appear and disappear.

Indeed, he announces — I love this — even a belief in “God” signals a failure of faith in unitive consciousness. He could have added that the polarity between “God and Creation” is another we need to surrender to . . .

So, perhaps I can “get with the program” — both the old program that my DNA, as a frequency field may be programmed with — to die before age 100 — and the new program that I don’t have to die then if I reprogram my DNA consciously to intend a longer life. Not by extending the excruciating decay phase, but by actually halting decay, or even reversing it. Rather than “aging” — “youthening.”

Now why would I want that? I ask myself. I’ve longed for what’s beyond this life for decades now, ever since my own first NDE. Like many people who have experienced what lies beyond the veil of this illusion we’ve all constructed and bought into by our collective unconscious attention, I’ve known ever since then that “death” is nothing to be feared, because we are not our bodies. Death, then, is simply a shift from one phase to another.

But Kryon makes a great argument for shifting the program: and that is this: only if we live a very long time can we make fruitful use of what we’ve learned. It’s not an accident that the quality we call “wisdom” is usually reserved for some of those who are very old, I.e., those old ones who have actually learned from their experiences, distilling the lessons each has to offer, and can then (as in line with the work of the Crone, by the way) offer their clarified (no longer desirous) expressions of the life force freely to the world.

That is the stage I am in. Would I like this stage to continue for another 100 years? A part of me objects. Is it just the part of me that is glad this life is “almost over,” because I want to be free of this material trapping we call “the body”? Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s just habit, part of my own body’s refusal to change its ways, its slide into decay, which is, yes, as long as the program is going strong, “so rapid now” that the “Me, approximately” — yep! — changes day by day.

So, the frisson: between two major programs, two ways of looking at, and thus experiencing, this life.

Then, you can put all this in the context of “ascension,” or, the idea that both our bodies and the Earth body are changing their frequency, lightening their load, so that the material forms we are so accustomed to shift density levels and move into a higher frequency, a field that allows even more possibilities for manifestation and does so with much more ease than that to which we are accustomed.

Okay, so that’s the synchronicity rant for today. Meanwhile, back to the Tunnel Park Project, which is lumbering lugubriously along, being nudged from many directions, into material manifestation.

Oh wow, I just realized that the “tunnel” part of this project relates to worm holes, the dark tunnel supposedly seen by many people in their NDE’s, connecting discordant realities, “polarity consciousness,” on and on and on . . .


Here, again, is the sweet little video podmate Katarina made of our walk through the tunnel a few days ago.








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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, how fortunate that you are ‘young at heart’…a simple (?) adage that covers a multitude of
    concepts that will surely come in handy while incorporating the new DNA mindset.

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