Sanity and Insanity Department, then and now: Roszak to Davos.

This essay was written in 1996, nearly 20 years ago, in which the author states that it’s about time we call our separation from and destruction of nature by its real name: “crazy.”

Theodore Roszak: The Nature of Sanity

Psychiatrists often fail to chart the emotional bond we have with the natural habitat

Such separation is the consequence of a mechanistic view of both nature and ourselves that took hold in the time of Descartes and Newton. Since the mid-20th century, our ever-accelerating technological immersion has widened human separation from Nature into a yawning gulf that not even the Grand Canyon can span.

So. How do we fare nearly 20 years after Roszak’s essay?

Here’s one clue:

Descending this week into the Davos World Economic Forum, an annual gathering of the .0001% where climate change and inequality are on the table, come 1700 gas hogging, pollution spewing, private jets.

What? Nobody ride-sharing?

Here’s Jon Stewart’s view of this tragic, hypocritical travesty.





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