Let us shift gifting to an ecological foundation rather than an economic one

This is a very important post, analyzing how, as usual, a concept that starts out with one meaning — and with genuine good intent — tends to morph into something else entirely due to our capitalist “economy” that, unless we are very awake and aware, absorbs all our efforts to break out of it by atomizing, commodifying, and privatizing what should — and could — be a truly, free commons area — where the “coin of the realm” is unlimited generosity rather than transactional exchange.

As usual, we need to study how Nature does it. She sure doesn’t require one-to-one equal exchanges of any kind to keep going. That way of thinking, and of working, just keeps us in separation mode, with what we can get with our “gifting” ultimately mocking the gift.

Via dailygood and Sylvia

From Sharing Economy to Gift Ecology

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