Towards A Primer for Thriving in Chaotic/Creative Times

Pair Spiritual Teacher and Mystic George Gurdjieff’s “82 rules for living” with Sorcerer Don Juan’s “active side of infinity,” and what do you get? Here are some clues to each. It’s up to us to put them together. I certainly do. I’ve been aware of Gurdjieff’s first rule, on awareness, since I was 26 years old, and Elva Thompson’s reminder of Don Juan’s emphasis on neutrality is well taken, especially during such a buoyant, chaotic, creative time as this one is. And as Gurdjieff put it, in his last rule, #82: “If you are meditating and the devil appears, make the devil meditate, too.”

BTW: Today’s New Moon occurs in the first degree of Aquarius, plus, Mercury turns to go retrograde for three weeks. Here’s an interesting blogpost that combines the two of these signatures in a fruitful way.

Gurdjieff’s 82 ‘Rules of Life’


The Art of Neutral

BTW: the opposite of thriving is, of course, the living death of the Matrix. Here’s an article that perports to tell you how you know if you’re caught up in it.

16 Signs That You’re A Slave to the Matrix

To these I might add, you actually paid attention to “President” Obama’s “State of the Union” address last night.



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