BE AWARE! A deep disturbance infects our media-saturated culture’s fracturing of everyday life

First, check out this punchy overview of the affect of television on the brain.

I’ve noticed much the same effect re: my relationship with the screens on my devices (iphone, ipad, computer). The “passive” part is missing, but the rest is all there. I notice that when I’ve been on screen for awhile, that my brain feels weird, wired, filled with what I try, and fail, to accurately describe as “a jaggy staticky field.” Each time I “get off-line” it takes a while for that icky internal mind (mined) field to dissipate — and meanwhile, the sensation is distinctly uncomfortable and disembodied.

What brings me back into balance? Sitting by the fire with puppy Shadow luxuriating on my lap, daily body/mind practices (walking, yoga, tai chi, and chi kung), Mother Earth and Father Sky — their endless call to and communion with the soul, and — you guessed it — during three seasons of the year, hands in the soil of our GANG garden.

The fracturing of “reality” via images into bits and pieces all jangled together and flashing by more and more quickly, engendering confusion and short term memory loss . . . what a perfect set-up for MSM media “treatment” of programmed false flags, which seem to be coming thicker and faster as time goes on, providing endless distraction, confusion (and entertrainment) from whatever “they” don’t want us to know about plus, of course, an orchestrated way to continually ratchet up the police state.

Speaking of which, I very much enjoyed and related to this very recent Jay Tyson interview re: false flags: Gladio and the Deep State.

Also relevant in this context, Julian Rose, his new post, concerning how especially twitters and tweets and other fast track social media cultivate short term attention spans at the expense of long-term and deeper comprehension — and thus fall right into the cabal’s plans for total (mind) control:

Sedation by Sound Bite




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