On the relationship between the price of oil and the U.S. Empire

While out walking on a path parallel to the railroad tracks nearby, I came upon something in the near distance. Besides the usual fast food trash, what is that?


Hmmm . . . Go closer.


American flag?

Yes. Crumpled. Looks like it’s been there awhile.


With chemtrail on horizon above.IMG_1697


Hmmm. Symbolic?

Check out these two articles, from Zero Hedge and Washington’s Blog. While I don’t pretend to understand any of this, as a permacultural systems thinker, it has been clear to me all along that the drastic drop in “price of oil” will ramify in unaccountable ways throughout the massively propped up, fiat-money economy that depends on endless “growth” at the expense of Mother Earth’s finite resources.

Today, clear indicators of that ramification.

The Next Round of the Great Crisis Has Begun


The Fed and the Price of Oil

It appears that the Uranus/Pluto square, skidding through the final three climactic months that lead to the 7th and final exact square aspect in March 2015, now begins to crash into the already crumbling infrastructure and “petrodollar” circulatory system of this glittery, greedy civilization.


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