NatureConnect Project uses our natural attraction to Nature to restore ecological balance

Check out this beautiful elder, Michael Cohen, 85 years old, whose life work has led him to a heartfelt, and perhaps necessary way of reconnecting humans to the natural world.

From his bio:

mikeportr“My decades of conscious sensory attractions to nature, within and around me, taught me how to safely ride each moment of time and space in Organism Earth while helping others do the same. Since 1965 my unique Expedition Education process and program has operated and grown from my inherent felt sense love of natural areas in multiple ways. The process blends and contributes to the public my training in John Dewey progressive education, Alexander Wolf psychodynamic group therapy, Kurt Lewin T-groups, Paul Brandwein science teaching, A. S. Neil Summerhill education, Josh Lieberman creative camping, Michael Herman folk and contra dancing along with observations by John Muir, Wilhelm Reich, R.D. Laing, Joseph Wood Krutch and Alfred North Whitehead.

At a glance, what I do is operate ‘Summerhill’ within the balancing love and intelligence of Organism Earth instead of the walls of a school building. The key to success is knowing that 1) scientifically, Natural Attraction is the essence of both our Big Bang Universe and of love, 2) excessive disconnection from Natural Attractions produces disorders that result from love deprivation and 3) any given moment consists of the story and non-story world that we can reasonably choose to connect with.


I was immediately struck by Cohen’s unusual use of language in this promo for the NatureConnect Project. As if we humans have gone so far astray that we must reform the way we use language in order to recover and wrench open the door to the natural world. He may be right.

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  1. Susan McElroy says:

    I took courses in Mike’s online school, and actually got to meet him one evening. He is a wonderful man, and has been teaching far ahead of his time for decades.

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