Towards gaining perspective on taxes, nukes, and the U.S. military



As we move into tax season, knowing that more than 50% of our hard-earned tax money goes to the military (and that doesn’t count clandestine black ops that get their moolah from drug running and human trafficking), let’s try to get some perspective on this supposedly “God”-fearing, so-called refuge of “huddled masses” and “land of the free.” What have we been doing for the past 200 years (not even counting the deliberate evisceration of population and culture of Native Americans)? Let’s take a look.

Map: 200 years of US military interventions

As the United States fights military campaigns in Iraq and Syria, take a look at the long history of overseas US military deployments.

Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to download the time-lapse map in above post, but it reminds me of the time-lapse map of nuclear explosions since 1945.

Are the two maps related? You betcha! What is the only nation to have ever detonated a nuclear weapon on population centers (not one, but TWO!)? You got it. US! The U.S. What conclusions shall we draw from this understanding? That we are inescapably fxxxxcked?

Note all the World War III scaremongering in the past year. The latest: Gorbachev himself: Crisis in Ukraine could trigger nuclear war, warns Gorbachev

Or that we must move forward now, in some new way, with direct action, en masse. The .0001% that profit from war and chaos depend on us to remain either asleep or otherwise compliant. Will we? How far are we willing to take the awakening process?



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