Charlie Brooker video: The Global Game Plan Instigates Deliberate Confusion

This video corroborates a hunch that I’ve had for the past few months, for example —

Charlie Hebdo false flag massacre now enters the “Keep ’em Confused” stage

— that the confusion we get into when we try to make good, clear, causal, linear sense of the various contradictions within “the news” (both MSM and alternative) is deliberate, designed — by whoever, for that’s another vast roiling pit of confusion: bankers, blue bloods, reptile ETs?

Hey folks, Who cares!

Who cares who’s “in charge”! “They” only succeed in dumbing us down by sucking our energy in worthless attempts to “figure it out” if we let them.

Notice that the video pinpoints a Russian aide of Putin’s as the mastermind. I don’t know about that, but I do know that it does seem as if, more and more, confusion is the name of the game, and that it behooves us to take our attention off that which we cannot control and place it where it can actually make a difference: and that place is, usually, intensely LOCAL — right here, right now!

First and utterly primary: place attention inside the self, to root out all the bullshit as it comes up from the subconscious programmed Pavlovian lever pulsing over and over again: to incite fear and division — splitting the self from the other to create wars, and the self from the self to create alters.

Next, in our homes, our neighborhoods, our towns, with those around us, not just on screen, but in person: and in these meetings, let us remain present, in this moment, NOW, as it unfolds the infinity of possibilities. Notice, in this pure, spacious presence, what inherently calls our attention. Follow that, for where focus goes, energy flows. Awake and aware, we the people create our new world, moment by moment by moment.


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