Henry Giroux and Chris Hedges: Austerity, Rage, and the Global Police State

imagesMy friend Keith pointed me to this concise, articulate post by Henri Giroux that outlines the real purpose of the doctrine of “austerity” pushed by IMF central bankers as the solution for debt-ridden nations: “austerity” is designed to further divide the 1% from the 99% by burying the latter in ever more debt, diminished prospects, degraded environment, loss of social services, privatization of the commons, and increased, desperate, hopeless focus on sheer survival.

Authoritarianism, Class Warfare, and the Advance of Neoliberal Austerity Policies

Chris Hedges notes that the deliberately cruel policies of the 1% are designed to fuel the very rage of the 99% that the 1% (pretends to?) try and fail to crush, while increasing “security” measures designed to rachet in the globalist police state.

A Message from the Dispossessed

Yep. I imagine that with the Repugnicans now taking charge of both Congress and the Senate, Americans will now be increasingly subjected to the same “austerity” policies as the Europeans and others from across the world that bought in to the central bankers view of themselves as Masters of the Universe.

Wake up, folks. It’s time.


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