Charlie Hebdo false flag massacre now enters the “keep ’em confused” stage

And, in this case, to “confused” let’s add distracted (from whatever is deemed too important and game changing to come under public scrutiny) and riled up (as in “furious” : with any number of feared target classes to focus on as the “hated” Other).

Check these out:

Here’s a very rational and seemingly complete analysis of why Charlie Hebdo can be called a “false flag.” Because, in short, it has all the markers:

Vindicated: Paris Events Meet the False Flag Checklist

Hmmm. But is even the MSM is getting in the act, now that the BBC is calling it a possible false flag? Or is that “admission” just to ratchet up the confusion.

Yep, keep ’em wondering, scratching their heads and bellies while wolfing down more GMO fast food and sitting on their butts getting programmed by tel-lie-vision.

Oops! If you follow Suzy Ward, who channels her son Mathew from the spirit world, you discover that it was not a false flag, but instead was genuinely radicalized Muslims. Really? I used to eagerly await Mathew’s next monthly message, but over the past six months or so have not been inclined to repost it. Something just doesn’t sit right for me, and now, it feels to me that the language in his supposed postings has been altered. Weird. In any case, here’s the clip from Mathew’s latest message:

The slaughter in Charlie Hebdo’s office and subsequent killings in Paris united your world in sympathy, compassion and condemnation of terrorist acts. If any aspects of such incidents can be described as “heartening,” then these are: The people of France are as One in fearless rebellion against savage efforts to muzzle freedom of expression and world leaders are demonstrating their solidarity; the Muslim assassins and all others like them are being seen as exactly what they are—brutal, tyrannical individuals acting upon a deranged ideology that has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam; and there is an international call to root out and cure the cause of that extremism. This vital move toward overcoming bigotry, resentment and fear of differences had to come so that unity in respect and appreciation of differences can take hold—that is the foundation upon which a civilization builds a peaceful, loving, harmonious world.


Please do note that raging Muslims out for revenge have every reason to feel the need to somehow make things right from their end. Check out Chris Hedges message about the rage of the dispossessed. And note that these would be the very individuals easily recruited to carry out state-sponsored “terrorist” attacks which always have the predictable result of ramping up the police state.

See also, in this vein:

The Lash and the Sword: Hebdo, Hypocrisy, and the Mob-Mind

Pretty hilarious that Netanyahu was leading the parade yesterday in Paris, eh? Who’s the real terrorist? Think Palestine, back in what was it, just a few months ago? How many children were massacred in Gaza? 500?


Maybe we should also say that at least Obama had the decency to stay away since the “kill list” (via drones) arrives on his desk, what is it, weekly?

Oh, and here’s Ben Fulford’s view of the whole affair:

The fake Paris incident is Aimed at Taking Down the House of Saud

Who knows? My point is that getting and keeping us confused is part and parcel of the globalist design. So let’s step back from this latest attempt at corralling our precious attention. Let us challenge ourselves to do the one thing, close to home, that we know we personally must do to shift everything. The one thing that will get whatever is stuck, unstuck. This will likely be something small, crucial — like making peace with your nearest neighbor, or calling your parents, or tax accountant; or even, cleaning the fridge or the toilet, or the windows! Something you’ve been putting off, because it’s so unpleasant; something that will, accordingly, once you’ve dared do it, wheel your perceived world into a new kaleidoscopic pattern. Now: don’t stop! Keep on paying attention! Notice how that one small, deliberate act energized you, how it points you to the next act, and the next, to set yourself in the direction only YOU can go to help the world decentralize from all this top-down nonsense — and grow, again, from the bottom up this time, not in quantity of bullshit or production, but in quality — of life and connection.




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