“You humans . . . Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how you’ve made it this far.”

Yes. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been asking myself why we haven’t blown ourselves up already. Seven decades now, and counting.

Clip from the film, K-Pax.

I found the above clip in the comments section to an interview with Foster Gamble (of the Thrive movie). Here’s how he sums up our current climactic crossroads:

I think, as Bucky Fuller said, we’ve got two choices: utopia or oblivion. I would say thriving or extinction and I don’t think there’s ever been a time that is more exciting for a human being to be alive on this planet. I don’t think there’s ever been a riskier time given that we can now destroy life, as we know it on this planet, in a matter of minutes. At the same time, there’s never been an era where a single person could reach millions of people or hundreds of millions of people with the possibility of altering their consciousness in beneficial ways.

I kind of see what’s going on as a blending of three realities — three parallel lanes on the highway of evolution, if you will. One of them is the regular reality that we all kind of assume and take for granted that we get from the mainstream media, education, our families, and so forth. For a lot of people, that’s all that exists. Then, there’s another whole reality that I would call the “spiritual reality”, which is of the unseen world of spirit, of consciousness, of awareness, of the invisible interconnection between all entities of life everywhere in the universe. More and more are wakening up to that through channeling, through meditation, through extra-terrestrial contact, through people just waking up to their hunches — whatever you want to call it. That is more and more pervading the so-called normal, accepted reality. The third reality that I think of is the “covert reality” and that’s what’s going on — it’s mostly invisible — but it’s intentionally hidden. This is the reality of the cabal of international bankers who’ve been wanting to control not only currency, but to control food and to control media and to control education, to control economics — to control people’s lives really in every way that they possibly can. Fortunately, through the dawning of the Internet, we’re all realizing our interconnectedness, even in technical terms, so that the truth is much more able to get out. People are much more able to not only become more aware, but become more aware of critical things. At this point, I don’t think that those realities can ever be fully hidden again. The exposure of that covert reality is giving me great hope that we’re actually on the verge of what I would call “the great liberation” or “the great arising”.

. . .

I see the workings of the entire universe as a single whole. Just as when you go into the woods and you see trees that have fallen, some that are struck by lightning, and you see animals who are out hunting each other and so forth, it’s not all pretty and it’s not all fun for different participants at different times. And yet, I see the common theme throughout all the different forms of life on planet Earth is that consciousness is evolving. I see this 3-D reality as a very intense school for metaphysical consciousness where it actually gets embodied in physical form and has to deal with physical realities: food, hunger, sickness, strife, and all those types of things. In the process, I see that the life force itself — literally, the universal awareness or consciousness — is using this reality not only to glorify life itself in all of its complexity and beauty, but also to have a school where each of the monads, or each of the individual sparks of consciousness, that I think each of us and every other being is, has a chance to come up against the constriction of physical reality and learn, literally, in every single moment from the bio-feedback of the universe what works and what doesn’t. What is harmonious and what is in conflict. What evolves our evolution and what constricts our path.




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