How the “realists” think (and what they miss).

Brandon Smith of, joins J.C. Collins of philosophyofmetrics and Ken of redefininggod, in viewing the economic and geopolitical see-sawing of West vs. East as a problem/reaction/solution dialectic that will end in complete centralization and control unless enough we the people notice NOW what the .001% is doing and work, at every level, to decentralize power by hurtling it from the top to the bottom, the grassroots, that’s us: beginning with inside ourselves, our hearts, then flowing into our homes, our neighborhoods, our communities, to take full charge of our lives and livelihoods.

He doesn’t mention Mother Earth, her part in this play. She is at least an equal player, one of Her the equal to all of us. Only as we reconnect with her abundance and majesty will we see/feel/be whole and holy. Nor does he mention the larger cosmos in which Earth is embedded, or the infinite dimensions that subtly pulse in and out with every breath. Nor does he mention that each of us is spirit utilizing a material form that, when fully invested — and by this I mean when fully cleared of the sludge of illusions so admirably presented in this video and transcription — opens like a firehose to unleash the energy of the universe.

There’s not just the realist perspective. There is, truly, magic afoot.

We are Entering an Era of Shattered Illusions



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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, this video is a visual feast and the narrator’s voice is melodious to the point of hypnotic…yet the content is strangely disconcerting as a major message appears to be “beware controlling
    fear-mongering” when in actuality the fear-card is played within the video.

    I can appreciate the narrator’s frustration with a world seemingly content to, in his words, “take the blue pill”, and those of us who would like to see a quick turnaround are presently experiencing a profound lesson in the virtue of patience.

    I feel that much more of the silent majority than we might imagine IS awakening, albeit very slowly,
    and surely there is room for hope for Planet Earth and her inhabitants.

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