Humans-Are-Free Department. Oh? Consider “health,” for example.

76606_logoGiven that I have a close relative who was diagnosed with cancer over 40 years ago, and who, though still alive (barely), has been suffering the side effects from her submission to the medico-pharmaceutical complex ever since, this article made my blood boil. In fact, given my personal connection to her suffering, and the fact that my Dad was a doctor and my Mom a nurse, this BUSINESS of medicine is a huge hot-button issue for me.

17-year-old cancer patient cannot refuse chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Because she’s not 18 yet! And even though her mother stands behind her! Which reminds me of Jon Rappoport’s numerous columns on the destructiveness and literally, collective and individual mind control, of modern medicine, including psychiatric.

For example, see how this recent NYT article —

To Treat Depression: Drugs or Therapy?

— frames up the “treatments” for “depression” as an either/or, when the duel between these alternatives mirrors the usual dualistic schema that keeps humans embedded and enslaved within the Matrix.

And here’s an article that sums up how the cancer industry owns both the media and your mind.

A DIRE WARNING: The Cancer Industry Owns both the Media and Your Mind

By the way, of course cancer also supposedly has only two alternative treatments, chemo and radiation. For a few more possibilities, see this:

Here’s Why Radiation and Chemotherapy Should Not Be The Only Two Approved Treatments For Cancer

My advice to myself? Stay as far as possible away from western medicine (I make exceptions for orthopedics and some emergencies). How? Take good care of my own health. Take charge of my life, starting with the body — what I put into it, and how and how much I exercise it.

Unless we start there, unless we make care of our own body of primary importance, we cannot go on to offer our own unique self-expression to the world. Especially by the time we reach our forties, we need to take charge of our own health. To those who whine that they can’t because unlike me, they have no self-discipline, I quote what the Dalai Lama (who works out on a treatmill daily) once said here in Bloomington to a young man who raised that question:

“Self Discipline — is paying attention to one’s long-term self-interest.”


Oh, and you might want to watch the documentary, Run from the Cure. Great title, eh?

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  1. laurabruno says:

    You know, this is such a tricky issue for me. On the one hand, I would NOT choose the chemo route, not no-way, not no-how. I also watched experimental cancer treatments kill my 36 year-old-cousin who had a young daughter, all because she was too terrified to try alternative treatments and really because she just would NOT forgive her narcissistic mother. I watched a dear friend improve so dramatically on Reiki and nutritional remedies, including wheatgrass juice that her chemo doctor told her she needed to “stop these things and let the chemo do its work.” She died within a week.

    On the other hand, my mom had advanced breast cancer at age 42, went the chemo route, lived, did the descent of Inanna, and continues to live to this day at age 69, now much more devoted to natural remedies, all to the consternation of her MD. My dad got non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after spraying Roundup all over their backyard one summer, went the traditional chemo route, and “chemo brain” turned this stuck in his head, meanie into a real sweetheart. He’s been on chemo now since 2011, occasionally consults with me for Medical Intuitive insights on his food and attitude (unheard of before — I was “a charlatan”) and now remembers to tell people he loves them. Something about the way chemo levels people, destroys them, also has the potential for rebirth. I don’t think it’s the drugs themselves that work. Both my parents went through deep, dark nights of the soul due to cancer and traditional medicine, but if you ask them, they both credit the chemo for their recovery.

    Anyway, we need to retain our choice. My body is my Temple. If someone rapes it with vaccines and forced treatments he/she/it will suffer the consequences of desecrating my Temple. And I mean that with full force of consequences behind it. On all levels.

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