A.K. Reader: An Overview of the Uranus/Pluto square inside Neptune’s transit through Pisces

Self-portrait: watercolor, from about 15 years ago.

Self-portrait: watercolor, from about 15 years ago.

In 2007, I started to appreciate the slow-motion maelstrom ahead, and wrote a predictive essay about it:

2007-2016: Significant Planetary Transits and Patterns: One astrologer’s Synopsis, Assessment, and Preparedness Plan

Back then, my essay looked alarmist. Very few people could even read it. Ever since then, however, the Earth-bound human species has been been both lurching from one death-defying, rip-em-up crisis to another via the Uranus/Pluto square (2008-2012-2015) and slogging through the weird, mystifying, infotraining, poisoning, oceanic tsunami of Neptune’s passage through Pisces (2011-2026).

Neptune entered Pisces in April of 2011, about three weeks after Uranus left Pisces after a seven-year run there for its next seven year run through Aries. And guess when Uranus left Pisces for Aries?! On March 12, 2011, only one day after the (Uranian) earthquake that caused the Fukushima disaster that has been poisoning (Neptune) the ocean (Pisces) and air and soil ever since.

Here’s a current update on that ongoing catastrophe that we would rather keep out of sight, out of mind.

Notice both verbs above, “lurching” and “slogging.” The first lights up sudden unpredictable shifts that take the ground out from under; the second infuses wet, turgid, heavy, confusing conditions. I’d say both are descriptive, and their strange intermingling is what counts.


Yesterday, January 5, 2015, on a very Uranus/Pluto day just past the Sun/Moon opposition (full moon) that activated the square between them (Sun conjunct Pluto, Moon opposed Pluto, both square Uranus), I discovered that two startling events had taken place within that past 24 hours, both of them Uranian/Plutonian, to the max:

1. A new person was born at 3:00 AM early this morning, a little boy, Max, in my family line; the doctor had alerted us that he might have a birth defect; however, this 9 pound 3 ounce baby, delivered by C-section, was decidedly hale and healthy. YES!

2. The brother of the husband of one of my sisters dropped dead while teaching in his classroom. Only 54 years old.

Both birth and death (Pluto) were present in my own family during this remarkable 24-hour period that featured the sudden (Uranus) news of one form coming into this world and another form leaving it.

Remember that this period (2012-2015 most intensely) that features a total of seven exact 90° squares between Uranus and Pluto, is the “opening square” in a new historical cycle that began with with the conjunction of these two planets in the late 1960s. Seeds of r/evolution were planted then, during the Vietnam War, which also featured both the second wave of feminism and other social and racial justice movements — plus a seemingly doomed, romantic, idealistic hippie call to go “back to the land.”

Some Uranus/Pluto seeds actually survived the orgy of materialism that followed, during Reagan, Clinton, and Bush years, though it took about 40 years (one half a Uranus cycle) for them to actually put down roots deep enough to begin to peek above the cultural surface. Most seeds did not survive intact, instead transmogrifying feminism into female CEOs and politicos that tried to look as much like macho men as possible, increasing homelessness and inequality, prison slavery for black men, and endless, endless war. Let’s just call it War, Inc., because that is what it is. Our entire economy now revolves around planning for war, conducting war, and supplying war. War has turned inside out, coming home, now that the police are militarized and surveillance systems spy on everybody everywhere.

However, one seed, the one that looked most absurd, did manage to flourish: the hippie back to the land movement. We are doing it inside our own gardens, in our neighborhoods, on urban and rural farms, through CSAs, city markets for local food, and with an increasing focus on organic and permacultural philosophy and methodology.

Here’s why I write this essay: we are now in the final, climactic phase of the Uranus/Pluto fracturing of our so-called civilization. Six exact Uranus/Pluto squares since 2012, we now grit our teeth and hope for the best during the final three months of this four-year-long Uranus/Pluto roller-coaster ride. Their final exact square will occur on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2015, four years and five days after the Fukushima disaster that began to spew radiation into the biosphere.

So that’s there, or rather, here, everywhere. Fukushima is a possible extinction event — among many others, the more astute among us realize now, none of which we want to even contemplate, much less discuss. See my last post, for example. I don’t want to do that either, here. Nor will I focus on War, Inc., though that would be a good topic, and I’ve been magnetized by it ever since August 1945 when I was two and a half years old and realized, from that day’s congratulatory news on the radio about the nuclear devastation of Hiroshima, that the world would end in my lifetime unless we turned things around. Indeed, I took it on. To this small child’s mind, it was all my fault. And therefore, it was also my responsbility, to reverse our course. Luckily, a magical meeting with Sekhmet at Karnak, in Egypt, changed that: I am not, personally, responsible for the state of the world. At least not more than anyone else. We are all responsible for changing course. And have we? NOT. Then why are we still here? Why haven’t we at least blown ourselves up accidentally already? I continue to ask myself this. And during this last year, especially, why have the constant and accelerating attempts to start real hot wars not succeeded? Why is ignition being, somehow, denied? Why can’t “they” get the momentum going?

God knows “they” try. Just look at how the U.S. and its allies have propagandized Ukraine, and demonized Putin; and recently, the disgusting false flag “The Interview” broohaha with North Korea gave us all a taste of what the Amurrican people who flocked to those theaters in the name of “free speech” still don’t understand about the way we’re being worked to “justify” whatever “they” want to do next. On and on. And I can’t even bear to think about the suffering peoples in the continuously roiling Mideast. Or all the other places on the globe where predatory capitalism (Pluto in Capricorn) incites instability and chaos (Uranus in Aries) in order to take over, strip off and out valuable resources, build gigantic unwanted infrastructure, and exit, leaving unpayable debts in its wake.

But we don’t realize this. Or do we? It used to be that Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine was an unusual read. No longer. If anything, it looks much too kind to capitalism. Her new book, This Changes Everything, is, I hear, a general indictment of capitalism, and yet, according to some reviewers, she wavers, thinking that maybe we can change course from within the existing system.

I see that Thomas Piketty, who wrote another blockbuster on the subject of the rising and inevitable inequalities promoted by the capitalistic economic system, Capital in the 21st Century, has just now refused some kind of prize from the French government. Good for him!

But can the system be reformed? Here’s a discussion about this that featured Piketty and David Graeber, who wrote another essential book (I did read this one) Debt: The First 5000 Years.

Both Piketty and Graeber appear to think so. And they might be right. Not because Uranus and Pluto allow for tinkering with the inner workings of capitalism, but because of another subtly powerful energetic that is continuously bathing us in its benevolence? communion? dilution? dissolution? Here, I refer to the Neptune in Pisces transit (see below).

Meanwhile, let’s return to the “back to the land” seed that begins to flourish during this trying Uranus/Pluto time. And let us recognize that, though individualized Uranus versus status quo Pluto insists that the system must be destroyed, perhaps within the rubble of the old, as it fractures, we do see and experience the early shoots of what will replace it.

So, though the usual central planners would love to do the same thing over again, with top down power — after all, that’s all they know, so limited is their imagination — I have a sense that this is not going to happen. Indeed, and I am not alone in this assessment: The only way we’re going to regenerate into abundance with both equality and decency will be to adopt the Ethics of permaculture: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share. And that means to go back to where we began, to the Earth, the soil, each of us in our own local areas, learning how to be with both Earth and each other again. Learning from Her how to be, together.

Capricorn is an Earth sign. Pluto in Capricorn is asking us to re-arrange our civilization in concert with planet Earth. Uranus in Aries helps, by both erupting into fury and through its encouragement of continuous creative initiative and invention. In short, let’s just give people their heads! Encourage each other to create! Support those who do! Stop trying to turn people into machines, robots! Stop trying to regulate (Pluto in Capricorn), from the top down, how people are supposed to behave. Instead, pay attention to what wants to come out from within! What beautiful expression is this particular unique Uranian being capable of? Allow, encourage that.

Neptune in Pisces

As I said in my original alarmist, predictive essay on this period in our history, I am very grateful that Neptune is moving through Pisces during the time of the Uranus/Pluto square! Why? Because Pisces is the sign in which Neptune feels most at home, and thus can express most naturally and powerfully. I was, and am still, personally intending that Neptune in Pisces serve as a watery oceanic container for the fiery/earthy Uranus/Pluto energy, akin to “cooling tanks” for nuclear radiation.

In practice, Neptune in Pisces does seem to be holding us, cradling us, as the U.S. Empire ramps up its increasingly adolescent tantrums of determined territoriality. The powerful, subtle, invisible energy system that Neptune in Pisces conjures up allows all of us to float in the same frequency field together, whether or not we want that; a frequency field that moves us all, as each new Uranian/Plutonian event startles more and more of us awaken, in wave upon wave of emotion across the surface of this globe.

We haven’t blown ourselves up yet, though God knows, we’ve tried!

On the other hand, the more “unevolved” expressions of Neptune are equally evident: mass distraction, addiction, infotrainment, confusion . . .

Full disclosure: I was born with “Neptune at the Midheaven,” i.e., this is the planet that is topmost in my chart, the one I’m to follow, my path. And when I discovered this, I was glad. For who would not want to follow Neptune’s idealistic path of unconditional love, compassion, oneness?

Well, let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it seems. In fact, I can attest, with over seven decades under my belt now, that Neptune is a trickster, an energy that acts in very weird ways, deceiving me into a kind of fog of delusion and illusion, over and over again, all with idealistic, even romantic overtones. I’m reminded of recents posts I’ve put up on the Janus-faced god of ancient Greece, and how the phrase “two-faced” seems to be a new meme in the air. So glad we’re finally naming it! Because how do you think “they” get away with their nefarious shenanigans? By pretending to be nice guys, that’s how. By pretending that their endless wars are started for real reasons, rather than false flags. By pretending that they are normal, when instead they are satanic pedophilic abusers, some of them — even murderers.

We have a hard time wrapping our minds around this idea, that someone could be completely two-faced, a nice guy and an asshole, in one and the same body. Luckily, we’ve had a few sterling examples of two-facedness in the news lately, the most obvious one being Bill Cosby. But of course, there are others. But let’s not get into it. Let’s just be glad that the idea of two-facedness is now in the air.

Different memes materialize “in the air,” a decidedly Neptunian phenomenon. And there’s no planet that makes a specialty of deception like Neptune. Not just deception, but confusion. Deliberate confusion. Confusion by design. Let’s see, what exactly happened to Flight 17, Flight 370, the Indonesian flight? We’ll never know, we aren’t supposed to know. We’re just supposed to keep guessing. How did those towers fall down? How was JFK killed? Is Obama a good guy or bad guy? Putin? The Pope? Who is who in this global game of smoke and mirrors. Who is “evil” and who “good”?

So how do we work with Neptune and stay sane? Well, I submit, it’s by letting go of our need to believe in some kind of overarching “Truth” about the world. It’s by taking off our conceptual helmets and shaking out our hair, allowing the universal energy flow of the universe move through us. For this is Neptune too, this dissolving of all boundaries, this ecstatic awareness of the all-oneness of the universe, this feeling of being bathed in, surrendered to, divine love.

Oh, I know I sound airy-fairy here, decidedly “Neptunian.” But you know what? It works for me. In fact, it’s this expanding capacity, to let go of all forms, all structures, including conceptual and linguistic structures! — and simply BE, moment by moment, each moment breathing in and out at one with the all — that helps me release control, and “power,” the need to be right, to know what the future is, to hold on hold on hold on. When I attune to Neptune, without expectation, then I can dissolve even the romance and idealism that Neptune slyly encourages and instead simply BE. HERE. NOW.

What else is there?

Or better: Where are we going?

Can we hold that question open, as a frequency field of UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY? I have a feeling that this is the kind of Neptunian atmosphere we can all get behind. No matter who we are or where we are or what we plan for the future. If we can let go of our plans and projects and simply dwell internally, moment by moment, in the spreading field of unlimited possibility, what would happen?

The sky, the infinite sky, one of Neptune’s domains, is, literally, the limit. There is no limit. There is only this enduring moment, this one moment, this light, this love.


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