Cosmic Convergence: Russia is the only nation that can “take the matches away from the psychopathic arsonists”

My instinct is to support this kind of an initiative with my whole heart. However, I am also aware of the way that certain, more or less informed, very articulate and obviously intelligent bloggers present the BRICs alliance —


— Russia included, as one of the polarities in a grand synthesizing, slight-of-hand program to create the New World Order.

I have no idea what’s true and what isn’t in this overarching battle of perspectives on and plans for our dear Earth’s future. However, it does appear that at the very least, the Russian president is the only political leader to consistently act with imagination, restraint and civility in an increasingly hostile environment. While I assume that the eventual transformation will have to be decentralization to localities, each of us taking our own home ground, and cultivating it — inside our own selves, in our homes, our gardens, our neighborhoods, cities and towns, regions — power from the bottom up not the top down — in the interim, I applaud those who composed this heartfelt letter for its sincere desire to help the world back away from what I’ve begun to call War, Inc.

An OPEN LETTER to President Vladimir Putin


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