2015: One way to diagram the elements of a regenerating world

Agreed, it does feel a bit overwhelming, all the ways we need to change. Which is why we can appreciate infographics like this one that help organize and expand our thoughts, behavior, and attitudes! Let us explore, recognize, and honor, all of these elements in our lives, for they are all real, viable, and necessary, and they all do feed into what’s called by permaculturists and other systems thinkers, “Whole Systems Design.” Just as Nature operates through her mysterious (to us) whole system design, so do we need to learn from her, how to integrate human culture with nature so that both can continuously regenerate. And though we may each think our own personal focus is on one or a few of these elements, ultimately, they all impact our lives and the way each of us lives impacts everybody on all these levels — at least! Via Keith.

Welcome to 2015



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