Saturn in Sagittarius dissolves the Janus-face

As yesterday’s synchronicities considered ramifications of the word “loosh,” so do today’s revolve around the idea of something being “Janus-faced,” as in the old Roman god, which I looked up early this morning, and discovered that Janus meant originally gate, or opening, between past or future, and signified, during the time of the Roman empire, when open, that the gods of war had been unleashed. In Rome, that gate was seldom closed.

So here we are with “endless war” as the mandate for Janus-faced, often mild-looking hucksters called banksters and weapons manufacturers, and government figures, and, some claim, nasty ETs, all masquerading as normal, even nice! Some, of course, like Dick Cheney, with his decidedly crooked grin, don’t look normal, they look evil. So Janus-faced doesn’t apply to him. But most do look “normal.” And of course, there are the revelations about Bill Cosby, “America’s Dad,” which went front and center recently; a Janus-faced character if there ever was one. Not even his wife, apparently, knows that wholly “other” side of him that drugged women for sex.

(Another question of course, is why did the Cosby story go viral on the MSM when it did? In other words, what was it used to distract us from?)

I’ve been playing around with this Janus business for a few days, but only this morning did I bother to actually research the term. And presto! Since I’m hot on the trail of synchronicity, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find a great line drawing of the god Janus on the site later this morning, to accompany Jillian’s repost of Jon Rappoport’s doggedly extraordinary investigations into the smoke and mirrors business of GMO.


Jon Rappoport ~ The Secret GMO War: Double Agents, Betrayal, Greed?

To those who still wonder about rabbit-holes: Yes, they do exist. And we’re likely to stumble on/in one when we least expect it.

To those who still wonder whether the nicest-seeming folks can be nasty underneath, yes, they exist also, and there are lots of them.

Last night I watched an extraordinary Martin Scorcese Film, The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo Decaprio as Jordan Belfort, who, in the movie, and apparently, in real life (I googled “Jordan Belfort 2014”), doesn’t even bother with two-facedness, he just is an STS (Service to Self) demon all the way through. Well why not? Let’s face it, that’s our culture, folks, “greed IS good.” (Google images of Belfort: take a good look at/in his eyes.)

The big banks are all back in business, richer than ever, since they almost failed 2008 and then got the government to bail them out. The stock market just hit a new high. Rejoice!

Or is this culture really all about greed? Well, of course, I don’t live that way, nor do any of the people I know. Like attracts like, and I live about as far from Wall Street as you can get. It is interesting that Jordan Belfort is just “doing what comes naturally” in a culture that, seemingly more than ever, lauds money and getting ahead and predation of all kinds. No need for a Janus-face! That’s how far we’ve traveled into hell on earth.

Or, as I said, some of us have. In this context, as Rebecca Solnit put it in a recent post,

Everything’s Coming Together While Everything Falls Apart

So maybe we should say that those of us who are aware of “both sides,” we realize that the culture itself is Janus-faced. And maybe we should be glad, in the sense that now at least some of us are seeing/feeling/experiencing the “good” and the “bad” as so close together that sometimes the differences between them are hard or even impossible to discern, and/or they seem to arise and fall together (as in the Buddhist theory of codependent arising) — that maybe, just maybe, we’re arising all together out of duality into oneness? That “ascension” is actually, albeit gradually, happening? That December 21, 2012 really did signify the beginning of a sea-change on Earth? This remains to be seen. But you know, I am optimistic. Perhaps by nature (Sagittarian), or perhaps because I do sense an impending evolutionary shift as a result of massively increased awareness. Thanks to the internet, and our army of citizen investigators!

Meanwhile, early this morning, before I realized that it connected to my recent Janus preoccupation, I woke up, checked my ipad, and decided to follow Kauilapele’s advice, and listen to what Preston James had to say in the last section of this post:

Veterans Today Radio (12-22-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Preston James [suggestion: listen to the last 10 minutes]

— and what especially interested me was his description of the steps the “cabal” take to indoctrinate likely new members. First, they have to show sociopathic tendencies (think Jordan Belfort); next, they are invited to a party where they are unknowingly doped and wake up with a child by their side and told that it was a mistake, was certainly not recorded, and of course would be covered up; then of course, there’s the more and more lucrative business deals, more parties with drugged rapes of even younger kids, and finally, child satanic ritual abuse and murder. All that conditioning takes time. But how much time?

And of course, they take care to sculpt Janus-like two-faces for each person who is so mind-controlled, so that they seem on the surface like nice guys, most of them . . . And then, when any of them do show signs of coming out of the programming, they will be, at the very least, blackmailed, due to the nasty stuff they’ve got on them from all those drugged parties. (Cf. Kubrick’s Eyes Wide shut.)

And yet, is that kind of conditioning so different from what we’re being indoctrinated into (unless we’re very very aware) via movies and TV, etc.? Endless violence, mayhem, murder, cruelty, fear, terror. Getting the loosh just whooshed out of us. . .

Now here is where it gets interesting, because possibly Life-on-Earth changing. . .

Saturn, while scouring its way through the filth of underworld Scorpio (10/2012 – December 23, 2014), dredged up all sorts of godawful stuff for us to become aware of, though, as usual, most people are either so cushioned by comfort, stuff, and status, and/or mind-controlled into insensitivity, and/or so desperate to survive that they can’t focus on anything except trying to get a job, any job, and once gotten, to keep it, no matter how mindless or robotic. . .

In any case, the figure of Janus is the perfect one to illustrate the unevolved Scorpio type: two-faced; nice guy on top, nasty guy underneath, where he needs to remain unseen in order to continue to be effective on top.

The two faces of Janus, I submit, are now beginning to dissolve. Why? Because Saturn has just changed signs.

Any sign that sits right next to another sign corrects the excesses of the sign that precedes it. The sign Scorpio, with its endless secrets, now exposed to the light, is followed by Sagittarius, which Saturn entered on December 23. The beacon of Sagittarius is Truth, larger and larger truth, widened perspectives, transparency. Whatever is still Janus-faced is due to be remolded. Two-facedness will no longer be possible. The gates of hell, and of war, are due to close, once the whole world realizes that the only people who benefit from constant destruction are sociopaths (and possibly, evil ETs, see the “loosh” article).

Saturn will make one more pass in this 29.5 year zodiacal cycle through Scorpio, next summer, 2015 (mid-June through mid-September) and then will re-enter Sagittarius, not to exit that sign until late December, 2017, when it enters Capricorn. From then until December 2020, we will be busy restructuring society to reflect and correct the Sagittarian insights gained from the Scorpionic exposure of secrets.




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  1. Colleen Conifer says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen the revelations by Alfred Weber about another Janus faced individual, Kevin Annett, who’s been deceiving people on a grand scale. This certainly fits
    your description of Saturn bringing truth to light. in

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