Let’s lose the “Loosh!”

imagesI read through the transcript of the new David Wilcock audio (nice title!) —

Open Up Your Christmas Presence: Disclosure!

— and was struck by his mention of the concept of “loosh.” I hadn’t heard the term before, or if I had, didn’t want to hear it. But before I get into that, notice that Wilcock, along with Ben Fulford (and (disgraced? — Jean Haines certainly thinks so) Neil Keenan, and (disgraced?) Kevin Annett), is another Robin Hood/Lone Ranger/”lone wolf” who supposedly speaks about the bigger picture of what’s going on from the vantage point, of, in Wilcock’s case, “inside sources.”

What’s real and what isn’t? Not my place to say. However, it may actually be “true” (in some universe or other) that we are being treated to a fascinating morality play, with the lives of Earth and Earthlings apparently all at stake . . .

Back to “loosh”: and here’s where today’s trail of synchronicity has led me: Right after reading through the Wilcock transcript I discovered that Elva Thompson (a blogger whom I have just begun to follow) has a post —

Meet the Firm

which also speaks of “loosh” — in a big way, tracing the term to Robert Monroe, who was the first author I discovered in the Boston University library, way back in 1971, after having a doozy of an OBE (Out of Body Experience) and having no idea what had happened to me, until I found Monroe’s book Journeys Out of the Body. It turns out that Monroe wrote a number of books. I found one of them today, Far Journeys, at the local library, and am hopefully going to get another, Ultimate Journey, from interlibrary loan.

What is “loosh”? It’s emotional energy, OUR emotional energy, which, according to Wilcock, Thompson, Monroe and others, is literally feeding the bad guy ETs. If so, it’s another very good reason to practice what Gurdjieff called “self-remembering” to the point where we develop a “witness” consciousness that is more or less continuously aware of what we are going through — the ups and downs of emotional life here on 3D Earth — without identifying with or attaching to any of it it. As Bill Hicks reminds us, life is “Just a Ride.” What do we call this level of awareness, 5D?

In any case, here’s another piece I found that references both loosh and Monroe, by somebody who calls himself “Montauk.”

The Hyperdimensional Manipulation of Mankind


From cradle to grave, we are subject to control and manipulation by those who abuse their authority. Some sleep through life with only the faintest sensation that something is wrong; others notice but believe they are powerless to resist or stop it. Control and manipulation originate from a broad spectrum of sources. Some we can see directly, others only through inference. What we see directly include conspiracies involving known people in known places: the corruption in Washington, ineffectual local school-boards, crooked cops, unjust legal system, swindling medical industry, and black-budgeting military. Those who delve deeper may discover more: subliminal programming through media and entertainment, secret societies behind political events, and the deception of organized religion. Fringe researchers are familiar with even more sensitive topics: the UFO phenomenon, alien and military abduction and government, mind control projects. This article seeks to go further, touching on a topic that has been addressed by very few: the hyperdimensional manipulation of mankind. Few researchers have addressed this — what published works I draw upon have been cited at the end of this article. Everything written here is the product of my personal experience, interpretation of published sources, and the correlation of my views with the independent experiences and observations of others.



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8 Responses to Let’s lose the “Loosh!”

  1. rebeccahwt says:

    Hi Ann, I’m Interested in your article about Loosh energy.

    On Christmas Day I went to the movies with my extended family to see Unbroken in a new mall theater. The entrance to the theater reminded me of the dark, angled passages into the pyramid chambers. And with technology we all had “assigned seats.”

    Unbroken was over 2 hours of non-stop violence, torture, and unrealistic computerized abuse and flying-war scenes that any normal human would die of, if experienced.

    So I decided to detach from my upper level seat and viewed the audience as the violent scenes unfolded. I viewed the loosh emotional energy being generated and then vacuumed up.

    My personal view on Unbroken is Unrealistic, Unbearable.

    Hollywood is our chief creator of mass energies and we are each responsible for our awareness and detachment. Thank you for helping with my awareness.

    Amid this, happy holidays. Rebecca

  2. rose day says:

    Rebecca perfectly summed up my feelings about the movie ‘Unbroken’. I personally was unable to
    manage the previews which were so ‘unbearable’ that I was fortunately spared the experience
    of the entire movie.

    The industry was busy patting itself on the back in touting that the ‘best’ movies had been saved
    for the end of ‘Oscar’ season. A quick perusal of movie offerings for this ‘holyday’ season provides
    an effective glimpse into the Hollywood mindset.

    “Loosh” is an evocative word but seems a bit soft when considering the truly upsetting implications that abound in today’s manipulation of the psyche masquerading as ‘entertainment’.

  3. Raquel says:

    SO how are we to deal with this. What do we do?

  4. Tokeli says:

    Short sci fi story per Loosh which may be fun for ya:


    Take care, http://www.tokeli.com

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