Kevin Annett: screenwriter who duped the world?

Note, 12/26/2014: Doreen Agostino, in a comment below, has alerted us to a wonderful post about this same subject that widens the perspective even further to point out that Annett, disgraced or not, fraud or not, DID alert us to the horrors endured by Native children.



I used to post the remarkable doings of Kevin Annett, who, seemingly singlehandedly, and with vast skill and determination, was bringing all the bad guys who rape and murder Canadian First Nation and other poor children to justice, including the Queen of England, the Pope, various powers in Canada, England, etc. I considered him an incredible example of a Lone Wolf or Robin Hood that somehow, by his unflinchable courage, was making the world right again.

But then, sometime in April 2014, I started to wonder. Hmmm. . . what if Annett really is just a lone wolf, a one-man band? What if all the people he talks about — his jurors, attorneys, the “World Court” ITCCS he(?) established to bring to trial all these nefarious figures — what if none of it is real, what if it’s all a figment of one small man’s obviously florid imagination?

For me, the final straw was his claim that what he was doing was actually responsible for “bringing down” Pope Benedict Ratzinger . “Oh sure,” I remember thinking to myself sarcastically. What you’re doing, Kevin, is having that kind of massive effect.

I stopped posting anything by Kevin Annett.

Also, somewhere in there I got wind of Native people who warned about Kevin Annett, saying he didn’t serve their interests. Which solidified my suspicions. But then, at some point I ran into a person from the northwest U.S,. a Native American familiar with both Kevin Annett and the Canadian genocide at residential schools. I asked her what she thought of the broohaha that surrounds Annett in the Native community. Well, she commented, there’s a lot of dissension among Native people, so who knows who to trust there, either?

Even so, something about Annett just didn’t click for me. I still suspected that was making it all up.

I was surprised that Alfred Webre kept the faith as long as he did, but now he too, has jumped ship. Since December 8th, when he last served as Kevin’s mouthpiece, Webre has completely reversed course as to who this character really is. I first got wind of this sea-change by reading a letter that Webre wrote to someone supposedly associated with Kevin Annett, and the response was not what he expected. I can no longer find that letter. Sorry! However, I did find Webre’s “protective order” in response to a threat then issued by Annett. Then, last night, I came upon a two-hour interview Webre conducted with two people who supposedly served as “jurors” during Annett’s trials. I listened to the first 30 minutes.

ITCCS Juror: There was no ITCCS trial of UK Queen and Pope Ratzinger. Trial a Kevin Annett Fabrication.

Then, this morning, I see where Webre has put up a video with transcript on his website detailing how he met Annett, and how their relationship evolved — and came crashing down.

Video: Alfred Lambremont Webre: Why I Exposed Kevin Annett and ITCCS

Also this morning, there is a response from Annett at the website.

Interesting, how We the People can be duped by apparently shyster, sociopathic — and in this case very creative! — narcissistic Lone Wolves who may or may not be double agents working for the dark side, counting on our gullible innocence to keep on going, and meanwhile, by design, discrediting every actual injustice that they touch. Which reminds me of a recent, deeply analytic piece that makes a lot of sense in this context:

Why the Bad Guys Keep Winning

Meanwhile, as Webre notes, we need to find a way to make sure that what has been done to Canadian First Nation people is exposed and the perpetrators brought to justice.


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8 Responses to Kevin Annett: screenwriter who duped the world?

  1. Ines says:

    I wrote about him months ago…the truth always comes out, maybe not when we want it, but it does.

  2. Ines says:

    Do you honestly believe Alfred Webre knowing Kevin for 10 years (he claims this in video), that he didn’t know? That for 10 years he never verified an address, as an attorney he never submitted any paperwork to ITCCS? Not sure I believe Alfred either, but we will soon find out whether Alfred knew this long before he made this announcement. Something stinks.

  3. rose day says:

    Ann, my discernment meter is humming a bit regarding the timing of Alfred Webre’s recent turn on
    Kevin Annett. Webre’s source offers information that could have just as easily been released weeks if not months ago and thus begs the question…why now…mere weeks away from Annett’s January, 2015 tag date?

    This turn plays like a last-ditch blow to what has been a decades-long endeavor for Annett. (As an
    aside, Annett’s personality is not the issue, yet even so, how can one truly judge what it must be like to regularly deal with the degenerative nature of the alleged wrong-doing?) The up-shot is that Webre has fired a shot BEFORE the case…a classic Machiavellian tactic.

    Of added note is the coincidental timing of the pope’s recently announced ‘curia house-cleaning’.
    If Annett’s claims regarding Vatican improprieties are even marginally true this papal PR move is
    lame at best but given the pope’s phenomenal popularity, this pre-emptive strike (yet another
    classic Machiavellian tactic) will effectively serve to publically marginalize potential exposures.

    Annett may or may not have amassed enough evidence to be much more than the proverbial ‘gnat at the picnic’ in terms of legal convictions but the court process features ‘discovery’, an absolute
    anathema in terms of the potential for adverse publicity. Webre’s recent turn on Annett and the correspondingly recent Vatican PR effort would appear to indicate that Annett may be a bit more than ‘a gnat at the picnic’…who knows?

    Kevin Annett’s opportunity to ‘show his hand’ one way or the other, is mere weeks away and given his time-in on this decades-long endeavor it would seem fitting that he be allowed his

  4. If you watch Unrepentant with an open mind and a solid, balanced understanding of history, it is not difficult to discern what is important, what is true. This man has made powerful enemies. I have some knowledge of what happens to those who, for example, attract the attention of a Harper or a Gordon Campbell – as enemies. Nothing good happens, unless sufficient leverage exists to protect the individual from reprisals. I question those who oppose Kevin. What is their motivation – really? They may or may not realize that others beyond them may be pulling strings and stacking decks. Fortunately, there is still some remnant of freedom of speech. But the price is so terribly steep. Most of us don’t have the courage and fortitude to take on “the system”, and give their lives in the process. I’m thankful for people like Tommy Douglas and Kevin Annett.

  5. In response to Kevin Annett’s Apr 06.15 Urgent Directive to all Sheriffs and Peace Officers of the Republic, and their Direct Action Groups (DAG’s): Arrest the Convicted War Criminals on our Land! I informed Kevin of ongoing efforts by Judge Anna von Reitz:

    Judge blows the lid off the Great Fraud, for humans to end servitude and extreme assault on life. Apr 08.15: Two errors in the Public Order [link] must be corrected. It was President Andrew Johnson, not Andrew Jackson who declared the land jurisdiction at peace after the Civil War, and it was in October of 1929, not 1933, that the stock market crash occurred. Please correct your copy at

    I suggested to Kevin it’s time for truth seekers, truth speakers, and peace activists, to end separation consciousness by aligning on purpose to dis-establish the cabal, while still focusing on what matters most to them [end chemtrails, GMO food, Fukushima cover-up, mind control, vaccines, climate chaos fraud, etc.]

    Next step: We the people united demonstrate the scope and far reaching social possibilities that cooperation, and self empowered peaceful action based on facts are capable of bringing to us.

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