Falling Oil Prices: One change, changes everything. But how?

Hard to say. This is a permacultural question. How does a significant shift in a single variable affect an entire system of which it is an integral part?

We can ask this question of any change, since all supposedly separate things are embedded within a larger order. And, we never really know for sure, because we don’t ever understand the entire system entirely. The context of any form is infinite in all directions. There are no closed systems in Nature. And though western civilization may be a mere temporary scrim on top of Nature, even so, it is embedded within Her, drawing sustenance from Her (raping her of her finite resources), and completely dependent upon her good graces (whatever they are), which in turn are embedded within the larger solar system context, and the even larger galactic context, etc. And then, of course, there’s the likely possibility of multidimensions. Both inner and outer. I.e., there is simply no end to the mystery.

Even so, of course we try try try to “make sense of” what’s happening so to predict the future. Here are two examples. The first from the Boston Globe.

What’s Happening to Oil Prices?

The second, and arguably, more weighty opinion, comes recommended by zerohedge.

The Aftermath of the Great 2014 Oil Crash, a Textbook Macroeconomic Shock

“Shock.” Great word for December 14, 2014, that’s today folks, the very day when the Uranus/Pluto square hits the exact degree point of its 6th of seven exact squares (2012-2015). The final one due in March 2015. However, between now and then, these two planets will remain within one degree of being exactly square, so make sure your seat belt is on. Or maybe take it off? In any case, we’re being hurtled, NOW, into the unknown future.

Let’s make this ride breathtakingly creative, shall we?








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4 Responses to Falling Oil Prices: One change, changes everything. But how?

  1. victrola says:

    On an Earth level, the falling oil prices are going to put a lot of small fracking operations out of business because the falling energy prices will bankrupt them making it impractical to extract energy from the ground. This applies to the KXL pipeline as well. That is a blessing. They will have to find new jobs but in the long term it is a blessing.

  2. Chenue Gill says:

    No accident – to punish Putin and put Russia in recession – as a side effect it does allow China t stock up and oil tankard prices are way up as they are all filled on their way to China with – lots of oil and shipments are planned for over and over delivery to China as long as the ride will last.

    • Well, yeah, that was my first impression as well. But of course there are unintended (?) consequences, like the frackers in this country and Canada “get the shaft” so to speak! And see Victrola’s comment. My point is, as one thing shifts out of equilibrium, so does the whole system shift in unaccountable ways.

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