NEEDED: A Mythos for Planetary Culture


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  1. Lisa says:

    I live in western Washington and love to hike in the vast woodlands around my home. A tree hugger from childhood, I feel a personal affinity and connection to these wise and wondrous beings. On one trip, I found a beautiful old growth cedar jutting out over a hill. It was overlooking an island with verdant aquatic plants, lush ferns, and a canopy of trees where the sunlight trickled through, dancing playfully.
    I leaned my body out, wrapping my arms and legs firmly around the trunk of the cedar, resting my head upon the soft bark. I gazed at the beauty surrounding me, giving thanks in my soul and heart for the opportunity to be in the moment. I closed my eyes and silently said a prayer to the mother in which I thanked her for the many times in my life she has uplifted my soul, set me soaring like a songbird, free, alive and at peace and told her how beautiful she is. I heard a loud voice, from where, I was not sure, but it said, ” Ah, my beloved, you too are beautiful. Look.”
    I was a bit surprised by this voice and opened my eyes, half expecting to see her standing in front of me, yet instead, everything was wavy. My body, hands, legs, were a part of the tree, the island, the air, the plants, the insects, everything! I blinked my eyes, but this changed nothing and I saw that she was showing me my connection to all. I understood that she was telling me that while I admire her, I am a reflection, a mirror to her.
    I reveled in the moments that passed, extending my hand and leg out to embrace this oneness. It is something hard to explain, but sublime to experience.
    I did not tell many people about this. It was sacred, yet after reading Ann’s post, felt moved to share.
    I never forget and pray ardently for the moment when humankind awakens to know their beauty, their connection, their godliness.

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