Concerning Our Tortured, Torqued (Militarized) Economy

Hey, guess what? ISIS is putting American prisoners in orange jump suits because we put Guantanamo prisoners in orange jump suits. Blowback?

Oh wow, does this mean that we shouldn’t air our dirty laundry in public?

Who’s Right, Torture Defenders . . . or Critics?

I suggest that we put this torture business in perspective. Such as:

Torture Report Highlights Consequences of Permanent War

The above report first published by the Boston Globe. Yes. Even the MSM is beginning to wake up.


Did you know that “the Pentagon is the largest single user of energy in the world?”

What will it take to transform our bloated, useless, intensely destructive and insane military economy into a people-and-planet eco-nomy? And when do we start?

Well, how much time do we have left before we kill the planet and every other living thing?

Here’s Richard Heinberg’s latest:

Party Over for the Industrial Growth Economy


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3 Responses to Concerning Our Tortured, Torqued (Militarized) Economy

  1. Mari Braveheart-Dances says:

    Hello, Ann, and thank you again for an informative post. I appreciate being informed about the many life issues/situations in this world. I’m very solitary/isolated/not in community – not the typical sort, anyway. So you truly do inform me. Thank you for this important service you give to me. I’m grateful. – I am learning that, for now, for me, I can only handle what is in front of me, literally. I can only focus on and deal with my own physical reality. It is, I consider, my only responsibility. I appreciate being informed, yet too I often read a little – enough to grasp some vibrations/energy – and I don’t read any more. Rather, I focus on my own life. Does that make any sense? – When I’m holding my rascally, medically fragile grandson who is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen and known (do all grandparents feel this way?), I am filled only with him. With myself. With his parents, and his brothers – Ace, Bo, and Little Man (the doggies three). With the exhaustion and the dirty floors and the needs that must attempt to be met. Everyone tries, everyone works very hard. We all love Ned. Ned is about 1 1/2, born 1 lb, 10 oz., has disabilities that are managed but it’s a lot of work and a lot of specialized care. He’s just fragile, that’s it, but we hope he won’t always be. He makes slow (very slow like a turtle!) progress, and we honestly believe and hope that Ned will “come along.” My feeling is that it’s possible, but he needs to have some desire to do it, and all he knows now is that he has to work all the time. It’s hard work being Ned. But he is infinitely cheerful and rather naughty, quite the cheeky little laddie. The fact that he is alive is a complete testimony to the brutal hard work of both his parents. The rest of their family pretty much has deserted them. They are alone. My son is caring for his wife who had a hernia repair, caring for Ned – along with the nurse – and still trying to put in as many hours as he can for his law firm as he has been slammed with a s-ton of work on top of his wife’s recovery. It is beyond difficult. – I wonder if I could ask you to surround my children, Lennon and Violeta, and my little grandson, Ned (Pistol Pete, like you) with your loving and filled with light vibrations/energy. I’m a huge fan of the sharing of vibrations, and yours are trustworthy to me. — That was my round-a-bout way of saying that I receive your incredible emails (thank you so very much, from my heart!), and I am so grateful to you for enlarging my horizons. But as with almost all “stimuli” or “information” coming in, I often have to by-pass important “information,” knowing I can only focus on what is in front of me to deal with. Unlike you, I’m a behind-the-scenes person. All I can handle is the immediate, present reality. For me, that is caring for my little fellow. Yet, I am grateful. Because sometimes when I’m lucky, I get to read a whole one. I really splurge when I do that. It’s wonderful to give myself that time to read something you send. And I know something is always there in my in-box, or very often, something almost always so rare and so real. I’ve always been grateful to you for that, my sister.

    – Many blessings to you and yours. Long may the Garden Tower reign supreme as the wonderful invention that it is. I can’t wait to get mine in February, when I will begin preparations for the spring. I can’t wait to compost again! Blessings always this Winter Solstice season, Mari Braveheart-Dances

    • Oh Mari, I absolutely DO understand how you can only do and be with what is in front of you, honor and serve precious life in all its forms. And yes, I will surround your loving family with as much love as I can open myself to channel through. So grateful, for readers such as you who come to all that they do with a whole heart.

  2. Mari Braveheart-Dances says:

    I am grateful to you for your understanding and for your sharing your vibrations re/with my little family. I believe that by being our full and wonderful selves, we can best give. You do that just by being you, and I thank you for the “extra” channeling of love and light. Together, we make a difference, I really believe that. I think you are right on about approaching life with a whole heart. It’s all that really matters, after all. I have learned more of this later in life myself, and am thankful.

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