So how DO we keep plastic from clogging landfills and the ocean? Many ways.

For example, we can build a house with plastic bottles!

America Could End Homelessness in One Year by Doing This



BTW: In the U.S. there are “more than five times as many vacant homes as there are homeless people.” Just sayin’ . . .

Okay. Back to repurposing plastic bottles. If we’re not quite so ambitious as building a house, here are

23 creative ways to reuse old plastic bottles

The point is, folks, we are creators, not victims, designed to access universal energy in this critical moment of extraordinary opportunity. During these years, months, weeks, days, hours! — when we are waking up en masse to the various dastardly ways “they” have tried to capture, imprison, torture, and kill us — I write this on the day the U.S. Senate is revealing the

CIA Torture Horror Show

— let us stand straight up and show the whole wide world who we really are.

P.S. Explosive Uranus squares r/evolutionary Pluto for the sixth of seven times (2012-2016) this coming Sunday, December 14th. We are in the lead up to this moment now. Use this electric chaotic time when old structures are fracturing; energy is being released from crystalized forms that have held it in place for centuries. Take a deep breath, and move, forward, with grace, beauty, passion, compassion, and full awareness that NOW is the time to reclaim our home planet.





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  1. CindyW. says:

    And that article to which you linked, on how many homes stand vacant, states that 1 in 2 Americans live on low incomes or are in poverty. I’d have to see the source, but I think the average person is as unaware of his/her neighbor’s situation as of other problems. I certainly find that those in my community who are unaffected seem to have no awareness of the full scope of this problem, and still blame those who are un or underemployed or homeless as being somehow flawed human beings. I hope that changes as a result of Uranus/Pluto conjunctions but don’t see it yet …

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