Garden Tower Project Kickstarter funded! Whew! Reflections.

It used to be that what gathered momentum was preparations for war. I remember very well back in 1990, when the collective drums were beating, beating, for Pappy Bush’s (first) “Gulf War.” I remember the horror: feeling that swell of martial opinion, orchestrated by media and government spin, and in fact — this is the important part — once that war began, I remember experiencing a huge relief, in my physical/emotional bodies, as if a pressure valve had been released. Ye gods! My physical/emotional bodies’ experience directly contradicted what my mental and spiritual bodies were telling me! This experience, of how my own mechanical self responded to the buildup of tension and, especially, to the release of tension, of course horrified me, and indeed, seared itself in memory. One more recognition of just how machine-like is the collective hive mind, and how even I cannot expect to live entirely free of it.

Bill Moyers: The first Iraq War was also sold to the public based on a pack of lies

Yesterday I posted a piece, “Is War Kaput?” which touches on my sense that it appears impossible to build momentum for war anymore, no matter how much MSM media and government spin goes into that drumbeat. It’s as if we’ve grown larger than all that: all of us, or most of us, or, even, just enough of us; we’ve gathered a critical mass (what is it: 5% 10% 3%? I’ve heard various estimates) and have now evolved to pour our personal energies, and to experience the collective energy of momentum, for creation rather than destruction.

A case in point is my son Colin Cudmore’s Garden Tower Project, which helps people, no matter what their living situation, easily both grow their own vegetables and compost their vegetable waste in a single, small, simple system. Undeniably, over the 33 days of its latest Kickstarter project, the Garden Tower Project built up a enormous swelling tide of momentum that finally ended last night and got funded at 3:00 A.M.

I woke up at 2:38 A.M., and was propelled out of bed to sign up for a Tower myself! Not sure what I’ll do with it — it may be a gift — but even I obeyed the call. With joy and camaraderie!

Meanwhile, take a look at the numerology of this Kickstarter project. Downright uncanny.

They asked for $31,400, and reached their goal in only 33 minutes: 3 . . . 3 . . .3!

By the time it was done, this was the result:

Screenshot 2014-12-08 10.55.28

314 . . . 431 . . . Transpose, repeat . . .

1 = pioneering

3= creativity

4= manifestation

Well done, Garden Tower Team — and all of us 1268 supporters. And thank you to Kickstarter and other such funding mechanisms which, more and more, replace the big, bad, central banks. YES! We’re on our way.

Screenshot 2014-12-08 11.10.13


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2 Responses to Garden Tower Project Kickstarter funded! Whew! Reflections.

  1. sheila says:

    Ann, this is truly incredible!!! Cheers and blessings to everyone at Garden Tower. I’ve been so busy hadn’t visited your wonderful site in a while until last night and saw this!! Took the time to read through their whole website. This achievement is a prime example of positivism, innovation, compassion, inspiration & focus all rolled into one. From one PCer to another this is the essence of “the problem is the solution”.


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