Best Meditation is Awareness in Action

Reader Rose sends me this post, with the comment: “I came across this on Will Harader’s site (The Galactic Free Press) and I think you may enjoy the author’s views
especially in light of your recent take on the movie Interstellar…enjoy…and have a fun Thanksgiving.”

Thanks, and a blessed Thanksgiving to you too, Rose! And to everyone else! And a big hello, especially my brother Mark, a musician, composer, and deeply spiritual man who is currently in training as a dance leader for the Dances of Universal Peace. Mark sent an email to his seven sibs yesterday about a book he is currently reading that shares the same frequency with this “take” on meditation. See attachment to his email:

The Untethered Soul: 12-Step Guide

And yes, I must say, the post that follows may be the best “take” on meditation that I’ve ever seen. And I speak as one who “traveled to the East” to find out how to meditate, just last year! Once in a while I do the formal mindfulness meditation that I learned there in Thailand, but usually, what I do is what I’ve done ever since I came across Gurdjieff’s technique of “self-remembering” back when I was 26 years old, that is: I consciously sink into the interior of my body/mind/spirit self as it penetrates the vastness. Right here, right now. On and on. No more, no less. Do this anytime, all the time, especially when “working” — here on the blog, or outside in the GANG garden, or doing the dishes, or walking with puppy Shadow, or participating in various meetings with others of like mind who are moving the world forward in the way we want to create. Rooted here, on this dear Earth and on course, focused, with energy to spare when it originates from deep inside. For when “deep inside” opens to the mysterious spinning core of infinity, where is the end to energy?

Aside from needing to regularly replenish the physical vehicle, and aside from numerous 3D laws, rules, regulations, linear cause/effects — pushing all that side, punching a hole right through the middle of that illusion, literally, the sky’s the limit. And I its quivering, prayerful, receptacle.

Best Meditation Is No Meditation

November 25, 2014

by Life Script Doctor


There are many people who jump into Eastern spiritual practices. Some even take spiritual journeys to the East to find wisdom and learn how to correctly meditate. There are also many so called “spiritual gurus” who have found ways to adapt (in most cases simplify) many different Eastern spiritual practices for the Western Mind. There is nothing wrong with it and it is great that we all have opportunity to learn from different cultures and use different spiritual practices to make our life better.

However, there is one very important thing that is not being stressed enough. Many people treat meditation, visualization techniques and other practices as a panacea for everything. Many of them actually get so high on their meditation that they forget to enjoy living here on our planet. Yes, it is really fun and blissful to meditate and feel united with our cosmos, but what about finding happiness in actual living?

One of the main reasons that Eastern gurus spent so much time in meditation was because they were trying to find answers to philosophical questions like: “Who am I?”, “What is the Purpose in Life?”, “What is Love?”, “What Laws Govern our Universe?”, etc. So if it is something that you want to do, then meditate away. But please keep in mind that spiritual teachers had to isolate themselves from the world and society to find those answers (an interesting independent film on this topic is “Samsara” 2001 It is much easier to find “enlightenment” when you don’t have to deal with everyday problems of society. It seems that today we all have to find our own spirituality and answers to all the philosophical questions, but we have to do it without abandoning our life in society.

Meditation is a great tool that helps us in the process of reaching “enlightenment” and there are times when it is really needed. It really helps to clear your brain from the trash and fears that are in the way of realizing your potential. However, if you actually want to be involved in the process of creating a better world rather than just exist and meditate about it, then the best thing to do would be finding a trade that you can excel at (or you already a master of) and start producing something through your creativity.

The only true meditation is harmonious living through creation, joy and evolution while realizing your potential that was given to you by Nature. In other words, when you are using your creativity in producing something or providing a service, you are meditating with a surplus. Meditation itself is like pondering on the strategy that you should take in order to be successful and happy in your life. Tactics usually involves rationalizing and applying the things that you have discovered during your meditation. It is a rare case, however, when a person actually takes action. In most cases people just go to another meditation to ponder some more on the actions that should be taken. In the end of the day, finding a way to effectively realize our potential is what makes us happy in this life. It is also very important to cherish this potential and direct it where it is truly needed.

It seems that there is not much efficiency for personal potential in group meditations for the greater good of the planet or sending Love to those who are suffering (unless of course being the organizer of such meditations is person’s true calling). There is a much more effective way – “Save yourself and thousands around you will be saved”. You might think that this is “Ego” talking. However, if you really think about it, there are two ways to change life. You can try to change everything that you consider wrong (which if you look deeper you will find imposition of your own will and your pride talking) or you can start by changing yourself within and be proactive only concerning the things that fall under your sphere of responsibility.

Creatively realizing your own potential and taking proactive action in the field of your own responsibility saves a lot of time for you and for Nature. Living in the creative process is the same as meditating together with Nature while creating a better world. Best meditation, is no meditation.

Destiny leads the person who follows voluntarily, and those who resist are dragged by force”. — Dialectical Materialism (A. Spirkin)

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Hmmm. I don’t think meditation is about pondering strategies to take to get to happiness.
    HH Karmapa just spelled it out on fb for us: the object of practicing the dharma is to transform our mind.
    Why? For the benefit of others. Ultimately all sentient beings.

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