Frenzied perspectives on sudden Hagel “resignation” overshadow quiet Afghanistan deal — and oops!

I published two perspectives yesterday. Here are three more:

• Daniel McAdams, of the

Breaking: Hagel Out, Assad Next

• Steve Watson,

Hagel Warned of Rogue “New World Order, Now He’s Fired

• Gordon Duff, veteranstoday

Hagel Resigning, Pushed to the Curb

Meanwhile, David Corn of motherjones points out that while pundits are going crazy trying to figure out why Hagel was fired, they ignore the fact that Obama just secretly signed a deal authorizing military troop use in Afghanistan, 2015. What’s that called? “light of hand”? “Smoke and mirrors?” Whatever; I too, got caught up in the frenzy.


Media Goes Wild Over Hagel Firing But Not Obama’s Secret Afghanistan Reversal

Oops! But wait a minute. Actually, there has been quite a bit of news, both alternative and MSM, on this secret deal — as I discovered when I googled “obama authorizes deal military afghanistan.” Check it out! And yet, most of it reads, just the way this news was played, remarkably low-keyed. (One exception is commondreams.) As if it hardly matters, what war we’re in now, or how many people they bomb or drone or where, all in our name and with our tax dollars. We’re all just zombied out and working way too hard and a la Peak Crackers‘ analysis, so exhausted by all our meaningless paper shuffling and those long, stuck, commutes, that we are having a great deal of trouble just opening our crusty eyes to each new day as November nights grow longer and colder and howls of pain are heard from Ferguson and everywhere else on Earth that the “long arm of the (militarized American hyperpower) law” reaches in to stun, grab and crush.

I have to keep reminding myself that there is an infinity of points we can choose from to focus on, every single second of every single day; and that each point, when seen “from close to,” opens into a space with an infinity of points, each of which, when seen “from close to,” opens — you get the picture. Wherever we focus, there it is. The quantum field creates points via the agency of our intention. Each swirlling spirals in and out forever. There is no end to anything — and no beginning, either.

So center yourself, Ann! Get off this screen and off your duff and go outside. Get your clippers and cut more of that bambooish stuff out of the pond before it freezes again. Be sure to wear your rubber boots this time, so you can wade in rather than fall in, like you did yesterday, with leather boots, trying to do the same thing. Now that was a wake-up call.




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