The final taboo: UFO? StarworksUSA conference, Laughlin NV, November 2014

In the last post, I mentioned that death may not be the final taboo, that this honor may belong to UFO, or ET, or “aliens” or the idea that humans are not alone in the universe of thinking, feeling, sensing beings! I find it heartwarming that at the StarworksUSA UFO conference my friend Joan and I attended this past weekend the “visitors” (or perhaps the original inhabitants, or those who co-evolve with us either on or above or under the planet’s surface) are increasingly referred to as beings rather than as “aliens.” That’s a good start, eh?

I’m interested in taboo. Always have been. Indeed, fascinated. Why? Because taboos establish the horizon line, that beyond which we dare not go. Or we think we daren’t go. But of course, we do go. In fact, there are some of us who, when something is identified as a taboo, whether or not consciously, we automatically point our attention in that direction! That’s where the juice is concentrated. That’s where “meaning” is uncovered. So, death, for example, has always been on my radar.

UFO? Not so much. It wasn’t on my radar as a small child. However, altered states of consciousness were on my radar, and they were definitely taboo. I knew that because for some reason I knew I couldn’t tell my folks, or anyone else about my whooshing out of body while lying in my sleeping bag out in the back yard many a summer night. I would whoosh out into space, go places I no longer remember, and sometime later, whoosh back in. I never told anyone about these forays, nor why I wanted to sleep outside with only the stars for company.

Another young female named Ann, in this case, Anna McClure, has gone further into this taboo territory by telling her mother of her experience with beings from elsewhere in the night.

Times have changed!

Here she is, with her Mom, in the vendor room the StarworksUSA conference at the Aquarius Resort Casino and Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada.

Anna and her Mom

I was one of a number of people who wanted to purchase the sweet little book detailing her contact experience.

Anna's book

We all wanted her book for our grandchildren. I asked her to sign the book “to Kiera and Drew,” my grandkids. She did, and with the perfect phrase to go with it.


Yes. LOOK UP! Instead, we busy ourselves here below, shuffling around on Earth, looking down, preoccupied with stuff.

Meanwhile, all sorts of amazing things seem to be happening, both within and without, above and below. From multidimensional experiences, to ESP to teleportation, to a major push for congressional hearings on the UFO presence, to tales about a Breakaway Civilization that’s going to Mars, is already on Mars, came from Mars, or whatever! I just saw today a post somewhere saying that the Martian landscape has been ruined by nuclear explosions, not once but twice! But when I googled it, couldn’t find anything new. The last time this was speculated was in 2011. Whatever!

Is this Mars info “true”? Or is it “disinfo,” or is it “info-laced-with-disinfo.” I have no idea. Which is why I presented, in my workshop at the Crones Counsel, a talk about the radical transformation in epistemology needed in this internet age, to absorb and integrate the swirl of conflicting and contradictory information and commentary with which we are bombarded, daily, hourly, minute-by-minute — not only about the possible ET presence, but Ukraine, ISIS, Syria, Putin, Iran, etc. etc. All these efforts to catch and hold our attention and plunge us into confusion work only when we have no detachment, no witness to our experience, no ability to keep opening, rather than trying like hell to torque and clamp ourselves into a “certain” belief system. Remember, our beliefs create a “conceptual helmet” which limits us. Let go of beliefs; let go limitation. Direct your attention to what kind of world you want to manifest, and start now, here, where you are, with the smallest thing, the one you can do. And watch the world rearrange to meet your changed expectations.

Okay, enough of that. Back to the UFO conference. At one point, my fellow traveler Joan handed me a piece of paper that I thought hilarious.


Oops! Didn’t happen on November 9, 2014, so just change the year, to 2015! All sorts of stuff like this floats around UFO conferences, not to mention the internet!. All sorts of predictions of dire changes that we have to work our way through and around, like billiard balls, all aimed towards us, and they hurt when they thunk. Oops! I mean think. When we think we’ve been thunked by some kind of info/disinfo that instills FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Two presentations at the conference really excited me. The first by Stephen Bassett.

Screenshot 2014-11-21 15.50.51

Stephen is the perfect person to occupy the role he has chosen, that of being the attack dog/commander/and hilarious funny man who is in the business of going after the U.S. congress until it agrees to hold official hearings on the ET presence. As he says, “we don’t want to just ‘sorta win,’ we are going to win!” His indefatigable enthusiasm and determination is infectious. If you are going to order one DVD from this conference, it should be this one. NOW. Timing is of the essence: if we cooperate in getting a social media twitter campaign going, Bassett thinks we can get agreement from Congress by February or March 2015. (Conference DVDs not yet up on the StarworksUSA site. “Soon,” they say.)

The other presentation that I found of enormous value was the one by Ricardo Gonzales, a young Peruvian of great integrity and awareness.


Paola Harris, the amazing and far-seeing organizer of this and other StarworksUSA conferences, has been a researcher and investigator in the field of Ufology for 40 years. She seems to know all the principals, and has personal relationships with many of them. So when she tells us that actual “spaceman” contact used to occur in the U.S. (George Adamski, and others, in the ’50s), then moved to Europe, and has now moved to South America, I believe her.

Other presentations, to me also worth mentioning, include those by Jaime Mausson, Regina Meredith, Grant Cameron, and Joe Buchman.

UnknownI only bought two books this year. The first I’ve already mentioned, Anna’s. The other one, by Ken Kasten, called The Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel, held me spellbound on both legs of the plane trip home. Indeed, I almost finished it, and except for two short naps onboard, hardly remember anything of the trip. Obviously, I found the book well worth reading. Joan and I also shared a meal and a number of short encounters with Ken, and found him to be a curious and engaging fellow traveler, someone that I get a sense is “in my tribe.” That doesn’t happen too often, and when it does, I love it!

I asked Ken, who has been attending UFO conferences for many years, why he hasn’t he been called upon as a presenter. He said, in a humble, non-defensive manner, that he thinks it’s because the Serpo story is just so “out of this world,” that not even the ufologists believe it!

So there’s censorship even in this unusually open-minded group? Go figure.





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