What if we taught math to school children using this video as primary text?

Note, later same day: Please see Mitch’s important comment below.

Might we reconnect our brains to our hearts to our bodies to our souls to Mother Nature?

I remember, in first grade, the trauma induced when, hopelessly perplexed, I raised my hand in arithmetic class and asked our teacher, Sister Mary Bernita, “But . . . but . . . but what is a number?

And she stared me. For so long my face turned red and the other kids turned back to stare at me, too.

Then she said, slowly, to make sure I understood: “That is not a question, dear.”

From then on mathematics became a floating world. And frankly, math terrified me on an existential level; that I would feel so disconnected from what is apparently so basic.

From higherperspective.com, via Reader Rose, who comments:

Ann, this is beautiful and poses a thought-provoking question…could it be that much of Man’s peril is simply the result of a seemingly inherent arrogance in thinking that we can improve upon Universal creative design?

So yes, what would happen if the fibonacci sequence and the geometric relationships it unfolds were taught via awe-inspiring visual dynamics? Would that not stimulate the fibonacci sequences occuring within the developing human being?

Whew! The possibilities are endless . . . which may be precisely the problem. We’re not used to dealing with infinity. Just not comfortable with anything but holding on to our stuff and our “identities.” Yep. It makes us dizzy to actually let go. Since we don’t know how to center ourselves within the swirl, we fear drifting into space, forever falling through the void.


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  1. Being a filmmaker, I get a little testy when folks in spiritual/activist circles co op films or art from other sources without crediting the artists, a talented and obviously very evolved soul created this wonderful film, his name is Cristobal Villa, the actual title of the film is Nature By Number’s, not to be found on youtube but here on vimeo

    in glorious high resolution, not this crappy copy on youtube, notice the poster, nor any of the commenter’s on youtube credited the artist, not even acknowledging the effort and creativity that when into this art, just the CONCEPT that happens to support their internal journey, as spiritual being having a human experience, let’s try and be more respectful, honoring real artist’s who create works that inspire.

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, Cristobal Villa is credited as the artist in the above video.

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