Brittany Maynard: “Goodbye world. Spread good energy. Pay it forward.”


In the midst of ongoing swirling chaotic energies, we are stunned to see this one lone young woman, Brittany Maynard, who recently announced to the world on People Magazine, not just her impending death and decision to forego “treatment” in the interests of her own quality of life;

How do we die? One young woman points the way

not just her decision to treat her own decision to end life in her own way — before the pain became unbearable — as just as “dignified” as any other kind of “death with dignity;” but to then showcase that death when her crossing did take place, it turned out on the very day that she had predicted, November 1, despite her seeming change of heart last week.

29-Year-Old Woman with Terminal Cancer Will NOT End Her Life This Weekend

Terminally Ill Brittany Maynard Has Ended Her Own Life

From NBC News:

She told her family before passing: “It is people who pause to appreciate life and give thanks who are happiest. If we change our thoughts, we change our world! Love and peace to you all.”

I see this one young woman as emblematic of the individual who decides to take her life and her death in her own hands, rather than handing it over to the military industrial medical cartel. May she “rest in peace,” and may her grieving parents and husband find solace in their courage to continue to publicize and manifest the new, profoundly different way of working with Death that her conscious deathing has set in motion for all of us.

Yes, Thank you Brittany, and may we, with every breath we take in this life, Pay it Forward in honor of you.

BTW: Check out Jon Rappoport’s blog for his rightly jaundiced view of the insanely murderous ways of our so-called “health” system. Here’s the latest:

The Medical Cartel is King in a Globalist World




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  1. CindyW. says:

    I am noticing increasing numbers of logos of genetics companies in doctors’ offices (i.e. Myriad Genetics in breast cancer doctors’ offices; Amgen ad in family practice office) where they never were before (and I know the genetics companies are intertwined with financial sector firms). Also – got a mailing from Physicians for National Health (for a Canadian or European-style healthcare system without the banks/insurance companies in it – and the German system covers alternative treatments like Steiner anthroposophical work) – major article about Ascension Health, which is parent company to many Catholic hospitals including ones here in Indiana, and their plans for a Cayman Islands healthcare facility (anyone remember these Islands as tax havens?) NPR also did an interview with the leader of a Sierra Leone NGO Fambul Tok, which has so far limited spread of Ebola in its area. Just interesting alternative to the paranoia elsewhere until recently.

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