Here’s how one CEO’s cut-throat Ayn Randian business plan “worked” — for Sears.

Seems like service-to-self “individualism,” at any scale, just doesn’t work, not just for the good of the “other,” or for the whole — but even for the self. A morality tale for our times.

From a December 10, 2013 article in salon, via Ben.


Ayn Rand loving CEO destroys his empire


While Lampert was caught up in Randian delusions of crass materialism and cut-throat capitalism, he failed to realize that a business is an experience as much communal as it is individual. Employees are not just competitive beings — they benefit from cooperating with each other and perform better when they are respected, rather than beaten down and driven by fear.

Slowly but surely, Ayn Rand’s economic theories are being discarded because they simply don’t add up in the real world. Even Rand acolyte Paul Ryan (R-Wis) is now distancing himself, calling his well-documented enthusiasm an “urban legend.”


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